When was the last time you ate so much you thought you might pop?

We’re all guilty of the occasional blow-out. There’s nothing like a wine and cheese night, indulgent evening with girlfriends, or Christmas lunch to get us groaning about over-eating. How did you feel the last time you over-ate? Perhaps you were a little sheepish, perhaps a little annoyed at straying away from mindful eating habits. Or perhaps you were overcome with feelings of guilt or shame.

Eating disorders are tricky to define. We tend to categorise eating disorders into variations of two common conditions: bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa. What most of us don’t realise is that eating disorders don’t always manifest themselves as these conditions. Compulsive over-eating is an insidious and often-overlooked disorder that many women suffer from, often without ever receiving treatment.

Don’t be alarmed: when you intermittently eat that little bit too much on social occasions, or if you spend the occasional day parked in front of Netflix pigging out, it’s unlikely that you’re suffering from an eating disorder. Over-eating on occasion is normal. Eating as a response to both negative and positive emotional stimuli is also normal. Our cultural child-raising behaviours mean that we’re programmed to feel nurtured, comforted, and rewarded with food from a very early age.

So how, then, can you spot a compulsive over-eater? Compulsive over-eating is defined by a set of common behavioural, physical, and emotional symptoms.

Behavioural Symptoms

  • Inability to stop eating or to control what you’re eating
  • Eating large amounts of food in a short period of time
  • Eating to the point of feeling uncomfortable
  • Hiding or stock-piling high calorie food to eat in secret
  • Eating normally in company, but excessively when alone

Emotional Symptoms

  • Feeling negative emotions that are only relieved by eating
  • Feeling embarrassed by how much you’re eating
  • Feeling ‘numb’ or ‘taken over’ during a binge
  • Feeling consumed by guilt, disgust, or depression after over-eating

Physical Symptoms

  • Binge consumption
  • Involuntary vomiting
  • Frequent excretion
  • Irregular periods
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn

These symptoms tend to occur a minimum of three times per week in women suffering from compulsive over-eating disorders.

Often those suffering from these disorders hide their symptoms from friends and family. Women who compulsively over-eat are often a healthy or ‘normal’ weight. The causes of compulsive over-eating disorders don’t make diagnosis any simpler: causational influences are a web of social, cultural, psychological, and biological risk factors unique to the individual. The good news? There are a number of warning signs that can help identify a compulsive over-eater including:

  • Finding collections of empty wrappers and food packages
  • Noticing a rapid depletion in the cupboard and refrigerator
  • Finding hidden stashes of high-calorie foods

Recovery from compulsive over-eating is both possible and probable. Overcoming an eating disorder isn’t impossible, but it is difficult. The key to recovery is to develop a healthier relationship with food. It’s important that your relationship is based on nutrition, not emotion.

Recovery Tip: Mindfulness. Lift the ‘numbness’ that occurs when you binge. Mindful eating works by making you present and aware of what you’re consuming, and how much. Slow down and savour the flavours and textures. Pay attention to how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and how full you’re becoming.

Recovery Tip: Urge Surfing. Think of your urge to binge as a wave that will pass over you: crest, break, and disperse. Take meditative time to observe the urge as it progresses. When you don’t push yourself to battle, judge, or ignore it, you’ll find that it passes faster than you expect.

Recovery Tip: Distraction. Use external elements to distract your attention from the urge. Take a walk, call a friend, watch a movie, read a book: anything to catch your attention until the urge passes.

Recovery Tip: Record. One of the best ways to identify your triggers and binge patterns is to keep a mood diary. Note the things that triggered the binge, how they made you feel, what you ate, how you felt as you were eating, and how you felt once the binge had passed.

It’s vital that women suffering from compulsive over-eating disorders are given support and access to treatment. If you, or someone you know, is suffering from this or another eating disorder, we encourage you to seek help from a friend, family member, or health professional.

Written & published by Maddie Brymner


Ice BucketHave you heard about the ice bucket challenge? It’s sweeping the internet and it’s no surprise as to why. The idea is to;

1) Grab a bucket of ice

2) Pour it over your head while someone films it

3) Post the video of yourself doing it on Twitter and Facebook and challenge a few friends or even celebrities to do the same or else donate $100 to charity

It’s brilliant! An amazing way to motivate others into doing something and I think we should all be doing more of it…but maybe not with buckets of ice. Instead why not try it with a #healthyselfie #healthfood or even a #sweatygym snap? There are a lot of fads out there but we have to be super conscious as to not get caught up in the wrong ones!

Separating the healthy from the not healthy can be hard when we are being constantly bombarded with the newest fads that all promise to get us the results that we have been looking for. Realistically when we are looking at our lifestyle we have to consider two major points.

1) Will I find it appetising

While some fads look great, unless we find the food in it appetising, we will not be able to stick to it. Things like the Lemon Diet might work for some, but unless you really love the taste of lemon – eating it 3 times a day can be a bit too much!

2) Is this something that I can maintain for life

Most importantly the ability to take it from a Fad to lifestyle change you can stick to for life is key to the success. Meal plans that offer a variety of options that include all necessary food groups in liquid AND solid form are essential. Our mouths need to chew otherwise it sends a message to our stomach that we haven’t eaten very much!

If ever in doubt, come an have a chat to one of our friendly food coaches, they are always eager to point you in the healthy and happy direction!


This week’s blog was a tough one for me as it will be the last one that I will be writing for you guys, as I am moving overseas next week! So I wanted to write about something that has really meant something to me over my time here at Fernwood, and what exactly I love about the place! I chose to write about support. In terms of motivation, inspiration and encouragement that we strive to give you here at Fernwood Morayfield. And well, just how important it really is!

Often women can feel like fitness and clean eating can be a competition, especially in today’s society with the use of instagram, facebook and all the different forms of social media. It is a regular occurence that a beautiful, healthy woman can feel inadequate due to others ‘brag factor’ within social media. This feeling is what we strive to avoid! Every woman needs to remember that everyone is different, a diet that works for one person won’t work for another, one persons perfect body is not perfect for another. We want our Fernwood angels to feel as though they are living and feeling THEIR best! Not someone elses best! Look at these women who talk about their success and be proud of what they’ve accompolished, not jealous!

It is surprising just how much some friendly encouragement and support can help somebody. It’s as simple as commenting on a lovely photo of someone on Facebook (who you may think is trying to brag) but just tell them how great they are looking! You’ll feel so much better about it, rather than stewing over your non existent inadequacy.  Or tell them how well they’re going in the gym lately. Or that their hair looks great! And if you’re one that likes to brag (come on we’ve all done it at some stage!) before you post something on social media or say something to somebody, think about how it may make others feel who may not be achieving the exact same results as you. It’s these little things and that little bit of extra thought that add up and make women simply feel happy within themselves. It’s a revolving encouraging circle!

We hope that we help our Fernwood angels become apart of this supportive motion, avoiding the competition and simply encouraging one another! This is why we have introduced things such as the 28 day breakthrough program, to help and support our new members (or existing members), get on the health and fitness bandwagon and truly enjoy it.  We have food coaching programs to discover what eating plans are exactly right for you and personal training to discover what exercises can be used to achieve your own goals.

You belong in a supportive community here at Fernwood.. I’m certainly proud to have been apart of it, you should to!

Go and pay someone a compliment today and see how great you feel 🙂


By Zoe Kirby- big thankyou to all those who have been reading xxx

Fernwood Angels 1

We thought us angels at the office here better do a blog post on our amazing new revolutionary breakthrough program! Just so you are 100% informed and understand what the go is!

Our society is changing, if you haven’t noticed more and more of us are glued to our phones checking our Facebooks and our Instagrams as often as we have something to eat! (If you’re anything like us-it’s more than that!) We have so many things at our fingertips, it has changed the way we consume and idealise things and us here at Fernwood are jumping on that bandwagon!

We’ve been on Facebook for a while now, and this blog, but this will change the way you exercise and maintain your diet. We have an incredible new focus on your fitness journey- offering stronger than ever support. With a focus on nutrition and exercise as always and a whole new focus on mindset! Such as searching for a sexier silhouette! We are here to help you achieve that!

The breakthrough program will aid you in learning how our meal plans work, how to make exercise work for you and understand how your mindset and journaling can help you be successful on your journey!

What exactly does it include?

-Meal plans that are specific to your body type including a list of your daily intake, preparation times, recipes and a calorie counter

-Weekly shopping lists

-Weekly workout plans

-Feature workouts, themed for a bit of fun in the gym!

-Exercise & recipe database

-Social timeline- an online community for support

-Articles & extra resources

-Weekly nutrition videos

-Weekly mindset videos

-Mindset journal

-Weekly exercise videos

The first month is exactly how and when you form ideal healthy habits, which is why our breakthrough program is perfect alongside your membership!

Not only this, but you will receive an appointment with our fitness coach to discuss your goals with and be shown the cardio and strength equipment so you are at peak comfortability at the gym!










We thought this week we would address a topic that we know everyone struggles with in their health and fitness lifestyles. The basic question of, what is right for me??

We’ve heard of cross fit, interval training, paleo diets, purely weight training, no carbs, liquid challenges, whole 30, lite n easy… the list goes on! There’s a million different lifestyle choices to choose from, but what makes it right for you?

There’s been success stories from each of these lifestyle choices and it can seem difficult to crack down on exactly which choice is the best suited to you and your life.  For example, the paleo diet can work wonders on people with hidden allergies or low tolerances of lactose or gluten or whatever it may be, causing them to get maximum results from their training and make them feel at their best when they are following a paleo diet. Although, for someone who may not have any allergies at all, this could appear difficult for them to feel satisfied or have enough energy to complete their daily training. This doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong or that the lifestyle choice is a fad, it simply means it isn’t right for you!

So here’s a few tips to find out exactly what’s right for you and how you can achieve your optimum healthy lifestyle!

-Chat to your doctor, next time you’re at the doctor have a chat to them about a few lifestyle choices that you are thinking of making and based on your health history they will be able to advice you whether it is a good idea or not.

-Do your research, read reviews, talk to people who have done it before. Gather all the information you can and assess the choices then.

-Keep a health and fitness diary. Write down your activities, what you’re eating and how you feel, this will be a good indicator of what training/ what foods are right for your body and how it functions.

-Trial and error. The only real way to know if something works or not is to trial and error! Try it out, if it doesn’t work for you, don’t beat yourself up over it, simply try something else!

Most importantly though, don’t get caught up in fad diets or starvation techniques and wonder why you’re not achieving the results. Keep it healthy, keep it reasonable, you should be able to judge what you’re body is capable of and what it requires for optimum performance.

Here’s to a happier and healthier lifestyle foxes! We’d love to hear from you, send us a personal message or wall post with what healthy lifestyle works for you and we can build our own feedback forum! 


By Zoe Kirby


Summer bodies are made in the Winter!  It has been particularly chilly lately, so now is perfect timing to tackle the problem head on and avoid weight gain and inactiveness throughout the Winter months! We all know how hard it is to get out of bed and pop the gym clothes on, I mean it’s the last thing you want to do when it’s below ten degrees! Here’s a few tips to avoid this happening and to get you back on the active bandwagon!

Well a lot of you are already doing it, attending an indoor gym is a much easier way to stay out of the cold and really it is no different than coming in Summer! The hardest part is that initial step out of bed, once that is over the rest is easy! No embracing the elements, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you!

Try as hard as you can to stick to your regular exercise routine, if you were undertaking regular morning walks but it’s a tad too cold to embrace the elements, do your morning walk through the local shopping centre! Or undertaking some indoor spots/ aquatics in a heated pool.

Or if leaving the house is still too much to take in, try out some of the at home exercise dvds for something new, do some in house circuits or even just have some fun with your children.

We know that motivation is the hardest when it is cold outside but these few things can make that a little easier for you. Even make the most of it and train with a friend or your partner, then when you’re tempted to slack off and stay in bed they are there to stop that from happening!

Another habit we all pick up in Winter is stodgy foods! Something to warm our bellies! And we know that salads can seem like the last thing you want when it’s cold. Try your talent in the kitchen and whip up some scrumptious vegetable soups, they will keep your fiber and nutrient levels up without having to force feed yourself some cold veges or load up on calories!

Try these tips out and let us know how you go! If you’re in need of a new fitness program, let us know here at Fernwood Morayfield and we can help you out!


By Zoe Kirby



It’s our 25th birthday! Woohoo! Let’s celebrate!

We’ve got some fantastic offers going for members and non-members that will make you want to celebrate along with us! Besides, it’s you guys we need to thank for letting us enjoy 25 blissful years of Fernwood gyms within the nation!

For all our beautiful current members we are offering you some fantastic incentives to get your friends on board! Not only will you gain a gym buddy but if you refer a friend to us you will receive a $25 thank you birthday card to use on our wonderful services! Cell IQ, PT, whatever you require! ALSO refer a friend who joins and go in the draw to receive an entry in the draw to win a share of a $25 000 prize pool! Easy peasy or what!

To help you guys out with getting your friends on board let them know our fantastic offers to get them just as excited as you!

They can join the gym for a little $25! and get 25 days of free membership included! They will also go in the draw to win a share in the huge $25 000 prize pool!

We also have some astounding offers on all our services such as $25 for one treatment of Cell IQ and 25% off an 8 pack of Cell IQ. 25% off a 12 pack of Personal Training AND Functional Fit for a mere $25 p/w for UNLIMITED amount of sessions!

So jump on board don’t miss out on these fab offers, invite your girls and join us for our OPEN DAY on the 25th June! Yes its 80s themed to celebrate our birthday! We will have demonstrations, prizes, including for best dressed and all sorts of amaaazing (or should I say radical) activities going all day! Don’t miss out on our exclusive birthday event!

Cya there foxes! Don’t forget your leg warmers…


By Zoe KIrby