Welcome to our blog! This is where we will post fitness and health inspiration for you and your fitness journey, exciting things going on in our gym and information about our current deals and offers!

This week, we are hyped about our Open Day and One Day Sale coming up on the 30th April! Not long to go now… hitting our club next Tuesday!

What do we have on offer?

For all you existing members we have some exciting sale offers:

  • Upgrade your membership to a 24 hour membership for only $1.50 extra a fortnight, this means that you will no longer be restricted to certain hours and you can visit us any time you like! For a 2am cardio sesh if that suits you!
  • Receive $605 in services FREE, that’s free bootcamp and a free access card for an entire year!
  • Personal training offers! 10 pack for just $400, 5 pack for $230 or a 2 pack for a tiny $99! That’s a huge reduction, not only in your wallet but also on your waistline!
  • Cell IQ offers! 8 pack for $680 or a 1 pack for just $125!
  • Food coaching for a tiny $15 a week! We’ll help you put those chocolate bars back on the shelves and guide you on eating the right foods over those winter months!

Not only this! But join a friend to your fabulous club and receive one whole months membership FREE! (Friend must join on a 12 month membership)

And for those friends you manage to bring along, they also receive some pretty amazing deals so you can start your exercise journey together!

  • No joining fee! Saving them that initial sum that may have prevented them from starting their new fitness journey before!
  • 10% off their membership! More savings that benefit them all year long!
  • Free bootcamp for a whole 12 months! Getting them off to a fantastic start on their new motivational journey!

That’s a lot of savings to finish off the season, getting you ready for the start of Winter! Just ebcause it’s cold outside does not mean you can hide behind layers of clothing! Now’s the time to get your body into gear!


By Zoe Kirby