Welcome back to Week Two of our Blog!

What a day! It’s been our huuuge National Open Day & One Day Sale!

We signed up some gorgeous new members who we are so excited to welcome into our club! Hope you are as excited as we are!

So whether it’s taken you all year to get here or your motivation may have kicked in right away- you’re now on the fitness bandwagon!

Tackle it all at once and get yourself off to a fantastic start by improving your overall health with some nutritional advice! That’s exactly what our food coaching is for!

We’ve had a lot of interest in recieving eating advice from our fantastic and motivating Fernwood gals and with all our new members receiving their first two food coaching sessions soon we thought we’d let all you fantastic new (and our amazing regular) foxes know what it’s all about!

Now you may be thinking, well how hard is it to stick to a diet? Take a meal supplement? Or maybe you’d rather avoid food coaching altogether- thinking we’re going to tell you how to starve yourselves… well that’s luckily NOT the case!

Food coaching is far from bland lunches and grumbling bellies. Here at Fernwood we believe food should always be delicious and enjoyable!

We can provide you with one on one food coaching every single week with one of our talented dieticians at your Morayfield club!

We’ll find out your health and fitness goals and motivate and educate you on how to achieve the results you want! Whether it’s getting rid of that baby weight you just can’t shed or just achieving the perfect figure you’ve always wanted!

We keep in regular contact with you to see how your goals are going, provide you with endless motivation to keep you on track and ensure that you are 100% happy with your food coaching plan.

Food coaching is not the silly quick fix to losing weight, it is not a fad diet and it does not involve diet pills or meal supplements.  It’s a long-term plan for achieving the long-term results that you want to see.

I know convenience is key within households these days, especially with all the microwave meals stored in the freezer.  But don’t let them tempt you, the meals we encourage you to consume are really quick and super easy without the excess calories!

The recipes and meal plans we provide you with kick start your metabolism and most importantly prevent hunger.  They all use everyday ingredients so you’re not out of pocket either.

But the benefits don’t stop there, not only you will benefit, your whole family will love your new meals!

Too good to be true? Here’s a really tasty recipe to get you started, chilli chicken and sour cream burritos! See? Doesn’t sound much like a diet does it!—Exercise/Recipes—Nutrition/All-Recipes/Chilli-chicken-and-sour-cream-burritos/

Check out more recipes on our specialized Food Coaching page:

You’ll be known as a kitchen whizz amongst not only your family, but your friends too! You’ll soon be the number one house for dinner parties!

It’s all about achieving that healthy and balanced lifestyle you joined up for!

Have a chat to us on your next visit and book your first food coaching appointment with us today!


By Zoe Kirby