ImageMother’s Day is this Sunday, have you got your lovely mum a present yet?

Why not buy her a Fernwood membership? Or maybe a pack of Personal Training to get her motivated?

You might be wondering what working out with your mum would be like…

Well we’re here to tell you how it can really benefit you! And your mum!

One of the main things you probably struggle with is finding the motivation to get your butt in order and get to the gym right?

Well a study of 3000 women was conducted and it was found that 61% of these women feel the same way!

However these women admitted that if they went for a run or a swim with a friend, they pushed themselves a lot harder.

If you have a friend joining you on an exercise journey you are more likely to stay motivated as women feel it is less of a chore when they have company.

It is proven that you’re less likely to bail on workouts or gym sessions when you are accompanied by a friend, or your mum in this case.

So not only could you be burning more calories and feeling the motivation you’ve always wanted… there is some fantastic exercises for you to try out in the gym as a mother daughter duo!

  • Medicine Ball Slam Pass

-Stand facing your partner, you holding a ball overhead, with arms straight.

-Bracing her core and keeping arms straight, you bend your knees and slam the ball on the ground at an angle that reaches your partner with one bounce.

-Partner two catches to ball and repeats the exercise.

-Continue exercise for two sets, resting for 60 seconds.

  • High- Five Up Down

-Start in push-up position with your heads facing eachother.

-Lower into plank position

-Reverse to return to starting position

-Clap eachother’s right hand

-Repeat but switch your clapping hands

-Complete one set, with 10-12 reps, rest for 60 seconds.

  • Team Burpees

-Complete burpee as usual and ensure reversing of the exercise when returning to starting position

-Complete as many reps as you can until they are not with proper form.

-Switch and rest until your partner has completed their reps.

Complete one set, with 100-200 reps/ until you have reached your target number.

Or why not have some fun and do a yoga or pilates class with her this week at your Fernwood gym! Mums come for free this week! No excuses!

Cya there! xx


By Zoe Kirby