You’ve probably heard us talking about it here and there, but I’m here to answer your question of what exactly it is.

Cell IQ uses low level laser energy to disrupt the fat cell membranes which are then released as intra-cellular fat.  Basically, it targets areas of the body which don’t usually respond to normal diet and exercise.

Fat blasting lasers?!

Well yes, the fat cells lose their round shape by changing the permeability of the cell membrane and triglycerides are then released into the interstitial space. They are then slowly transported through the metabolic functions and can then be used by the body as an energy source.  The idea is to action intense exercise after the treatment as this accelerates the removal of fat from the desired area.

So to avoid confusion, the fat cells are still actually there, they are just taking up a lot less space.. think of it as a grape transforming into a raisin!

You will be able to notice results after just one session! Although, it is recommended you receive a course of eight treatments on the area to maximise results.

You can receive Cell IQ anywhere you feel you need it, those love handles you just can’t shift, or those stubborn thighs, arms and even chins!

It is pain free and the treatment is actually quite relaxing!

The treatment is ideal for those who have made a life choice to improve their diet and exercise regime, someone who wants to reduce one or two dress sizes from a particular area of their body, someone who has struggled to get results from a particular area despite the consistent exercise they are undertaking and someone who wants results quickly, possibly for a special event.

What are you waiting for?!

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By Zoe Kirby