In spirit of our Personal Training competition this week, we thought it would be appropriate to write a blog for you on the benefits of working out with a Personal Trainer!

Here at Fernwood, you can get the results you want and fast, all within a fun and encouraging environment.

Personal Training can help you improve your cardiovascular health, shape lean muscle mass and increase your core strength, all of these elements are the key ingredients towards achieving that great looking body!

Our Personal Trainers can tailor your sessions to your own personal fitness goals, whatever they may be; fitness ability, speed improvement, strength or stamina.  Personal Training can be a diverse workout, providing you with self-esteem and boosting various areas of your life.

Personal Training isn’t just for a particular group of women; it’s for just about everybody and can be tailored to any needs and wants that you may have.

Personal Training is great for anyone wanting to improve their overall fitness, but it’s definitely recommended for:

  • Those of you are struggling with motivation!

We all struggle to get out of bed in the morning or lift ourselves off the couch, especially when it’s a bit chilly outside! But your Personal Trainer is there to help you with that and motivate you to achieve the best results you can.  Not just physically, but mentally!

  • Those of you who are unsure where to start on your exercise regime

Your Personal Trainer will measure your current fitness level and determine your own personal health and fitness goals.  With this in mind they can set you on the right track to achieiving these goals and determine a fitness regime that is designed for you.  From start to finish.

  • Those of you who are bored with the a repetitive fitness regime

A Personal Trainer can challenge your body and your mind with fresh exercise regimes that push you to your absolute limit.  This makes Personal Training rewarding and enjoyable.

If you’re serious about achieving those health and fitness goals, do yourself a favour and book in for some Personal Training!

Our PT’s are extremely friendly and love seeing new faces! Have a chat to us next time you’re in the gym and we can work out a fantastic time for you to come in and get serious about fitness!

Don’t forget to enter our competition this week, take a picture of you in the gym and tag ‘PT Fernwood Morayfield’ or post the picture on ‘PT Fernwood Morayfield’ ‘s Facebook page.


By Zoe Kirby