So you’re finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning for your daily workout? Or it’s just too chilly walking out of work for you to get your gym kit on?

We hear you! But we’re here to help you beat the chill!

Make the gym a must and schedule a workout with your friends so you have an obligation to be there! Not only will you have a gym buddy this Winter but it will help drag you out of bed!

Or go one better and book a personal training session, then you really have to get out of bed! And be pushed to your limit!

Plan a vacation to a bikini destination so when you’re struggling to rise in the mornings or about to give up on your after work gym sesh, all you can think of is lying on a beach with the hottest bikini bod you can imagine!

The best one to help you make it through the gym doors, check into the gym on Facebook before you leave the office so you have already made a commitment and a non negotiable date with the treadmill!

Set some goals for yourself and if you achieve them by the end of the season, or the month even.. reward yourself! Get that new Lorna Jane hoodie you’ve been eyeing, or that dress you would love for the next dinner with the girls.

Follow your workout with a relax in the sauna to release those toxins and keep your body temperature up!

And of course the best way to warm up this Winter is to do a workout! You’ll be sweating and you’ll love the fresh air when you leave the gym!

Don’t let the Winter kill your motivation, it’s only cold if you’re standing still!

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By Zoe Kirby