Has everyone in your household/ office come down with the flu?

Trying to take all action to fight spending a week crook in bed? We can tell you your best options in keeping you fit and healthy so that the flu is the last thing on your body’s agenda!

You may be thinking popping every ‘immunity boosting’ pill you can think of is the best thing to do… Surprisingly, whilst some herbal remedy pills such as echinecha, vitamin C and zinc are highly recommended, they’re not the only option.

We aren’t joking when we say that maintaining a healthy diet of various fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats will boost your chances of keeping the flu at bay!

But a few foods that really stand out for helping fight the sniffles are,

Yoghurt! Surprisingly yoghurt contains a powerful active ingredient whose job is to stop viruses replicating themselves once they have entered the body. Quick run to the shops for some chobani? Yum!

Garlic, whilst we know it doesn’t give you the best breath, adding this ingredient to your everyday meals can insanely decrease your chances of catching the common cold. It is known to fight infection and bacteria.

Tea! It contains a bag full of ingredients that help fight flu and the common cold. By bobbing the tea bag up and down in the mug a few times it releases a tonne of antioxidants.

Eating any foods that are high in prebiotic’s are a great remedy for the common cold and flu. These include, bananas, whole oats, tomatoes and green vegetables, plus plenty more! These help the good bacteria stick and help fight the bad ones away!

Eeek.. What about if you’ve already got the cold?

Obviously plenty of bed rest and fluid retention is a must. Hot lemon and honey water is great for clearing your sinus’, as well as steam inhalation with tea tree/eucalyptus. Plenty of vitamins in your diet are also essential for combating it quickly. Soups are fantastic for soothing the throat and also for clearing the congestion.

To keep the colds at bay, regular exercise is definitely a must! This will keep your body at its optimum prime for fighting the bacteria.

And if you’re still suffering, keep on the low and rest for a while until you’ve gotten through the worst of it, then head back to gym with some low intensity exercise. Once you gain your full strength back, get back to your usual regime!

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By Zoe Kirby