Our Winter Challenge is around the corner! We thought we would base this week’s blog on it and let you all know what it’s all about and what’s in it for you!

Fernwood likes to keep our special members motivated! Especially during these cooler months, so we run a free challenge every year to help you out and to try and maintain your motivation during Winter!

The challenge runs over four weeks, from Monday 29 July to Sunday 25 August.   We will provide you with a list of Winter foods that are great for you to eat and a basic meal plan throughout the challenge time,and yummy recipes for you to try! We also provide you with exercise motivation and weekly workouts that will keep you warm during these chilly Winter months and to keep you moving! We will get you motivated and help you achieve those fitness goals.

Basically we will give you a list of good and bad foods that you should and shouldn’t be eating and instruct you on the best way to eat them, regarding portion control etc. We will also guide you with weekly emails that will keep you on top of your goals, provide you with information on the benefits of Winter foods and yummy recipes for you to try!

Guiding you with your eating during Winter will help build your immune system and fight those nasty Winter bugs away! Whilst also giving you the energy you require to get through those long days at work and to give you the boost you need for your daily workouts!

The aim of the challenge is to get you moving as well, so the goal is to get you in the gym at a minimum of three times a week. We will provide you with a weekly workout that you can do which will burn 1000kJ, that’s 250 calories.

It’s important for you to continue exercising throughout the cooler months and we’re here to make that easier.  With regular guidance and motivation from our staff plus with clearly defined goals, you are a lot more likely to stick to the gym and achieve what you signed up for!

What’s the cost? We have a recommended donation of $5 that will go straight to the Salvation Army Winter Appeal, your money will help clothe and feed those who are most vulnerable during these chilly Winter months. Do it for the Salvos!

Helping yourself and those in need! Why would you say no?!

Give us a call on 07 5433 1187 for information, or have a chat to us next time you’re in the club!


By Zoe Kirby