Soon as Fernwood is a women’s gym, we feel it is necessary to honour and stand up for our women as often as we can!

With the frightening statistics creeping through our Australian homes, Fernwood is taking a stand against violence against women.

On July 26th, it is White Ribbon Night. On this evening we will be having a night in and donating the money we would usually spend on a night out to the White Ribbon charity.

It is frightening to think that in Australia, one woman every single week is killed by a current or former partner. That’s fifty-two women within a year.

Action needs to be taken and by taking apart in White Ribbon Night will help drive a social change for preventing violence against women and supporting this important work that drives a positive change.

So get together Fernwood foxes and have a night in! You’ll feel fantastic for coming together with the women of Australia and helping out a worthy cause.

Make it fun and memorable and instead of your usual night out, come down to the gym and do a Pump class! Followed by a movie night with your girls,complete with some yummy and healthy snacks!

Try these snacks out and be a hit with your girlfriends!

Make fruit salad fun by filling some thin waffle cones with a mixture of fruits cut in different shapes for a fun and yummy snack!

Or some yummy chocolate peanut butter bites, by making some balls of peanut butter with oats and nuts and coating them in a small amount of organic dark chocolate and refrigerating.

Register your event here and let us know what you did on your night in!


By Zoe Kirby