In spirit of our Winter Food Challenge, which you should all be signing up for… We thought we would offer you some tips and tricks for eating healthily and what eating organic is all about.

Eating organic is something we’d all love to do, but let’s face it.. it’s not cheap!

Is it worth it? It depends on your financials, but we think there is wallet light options that you can take instead of your usual supermarket packet salads.

Whilst any salad is a good salad, one that is home grown with no added chemicals should be the choice everyone should be making, plus they taste better!

Eat organic without the price tag by visiting your local farmers market or fruit and vegetable barn and snap up their low priced grocery goods! They will have all the fruit and vegetables in season at a cheap price, direct from your local farmer! Definitely the best organic eating option as it’s cheaper than the supermarkets!

If visiting your local farmers market is a struggle, how about growing delicious fruits and veges from your own backyard! Plant some in season seeds, water them, nuture them, give them some love and wa la! Home grown vegetables and fruit! That will taste 10 times better than the supermarkets and you get to watch them grow and be proud of what you have created!

But you’re still thinking why are other organic products so expensive, such as meats, dairy etc?

This is because of the process of providing you with the organic products, it is costly and lengthy and the required regulations that need to be put into place.

“But what you’re getting with a genuine, organically produced food is a more nutritionally balanced and tastier product, without the chemicals and antibiotics,” reminds Sally Joseph, clinical nutritionist.

What do we say? Definitely worth the price tag, but take our advice and save where you can!

Grab some local veges today and try them out in a warm, hearty vegetable soup to warm you up! Throw in whatever you can grab, add some beans and legumes and it’ll be packed with goodness. It’ll keep you warm and leave you feeling great!

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By Zoe Kirby