Happy August Fernwood foxes!

We thought that this week we would let you know what’s new in the club for the start of a new month!

Starting with, why you may spot some bare looking walls or some unexpected males around the place!

We’re having a refurb! Yay!

Which means pink, pink and more pink! Our gym will take our new national Fernwood colours, charcoal, pink and white, and use them on our gym walls!

How will this benefit you?

Well we think it will look a lot nicer with a bit more pink around the place! Not only this but we think a fresh look in an environment you see everyday can benefit you in a lot more ways than one!

A new look in the gym may actually make you feel more productive! We care about you and your gym motive, we always want you feeling like you you’re in the best possible fitness environment. A fresh look in the gym is revitalising for us, but mainly for you! Leaving you feeling a little more motivated on struggle street Monday afternoons.

What else is happening?

Well we had our promotion of no joining fee on memberships plus discounted membership rates, which is now extended until Saturday! So if there is any friends you would love to turn into gym buddies, bring them down for a free workout and join them up!

Also, our fantastic Winter Food Challenge started this week! Tell us how you’re finding it so far and what you’re trying to achieve!

Last but not least, it’s the start of a new month, let’s make it count!

Some tips to make your August a good one..

Firstly, set some achievable goals for yourself! You won’t achieve anything if you don’t know what you’re working towards!

Start simple and make sure your goals are realistic, but push yourself hard! You want to look back and be proud of your achievements.

Start some new healthy habits this month, like taking your lunch to work everyday. Get yourself some portion controlled containers (containers that split into segments) and every Sunday, make your lunches for the week. Ensuring you include some vegetables for some of your daily servings. Protein in some shape or form is also great to get you through the day, giving you the energy you need.

Why not give something naughty up for a month.  Throw away those sneaky chocolate bars, leave out the fast food from your weekly menu or even give up those three coffees a day! You’ll be so proud after the month is over, and even surprised at how easy it was! You may even give it up altogether!

Finally, why not try something new this month?

Take that pilates class you’ve always been to afraid to do. Sign up for Bridge to Brisbane and start training! Do something completely out of your comfort zone, you’ll be surprised how great it will make you feel.

New month, news beginnings! Starting with a gym refurb!

Tell us what you’re doing to celebrate the start of a new month!


By Zoe Kirby