Having a stressful time at work lately? Or feeling like you never get a break from your little ones?
Why not try out a yoga class!
It’s been proven that yoga can significantly reduce your stress levels and also increase your fitness and blood circulation.
How does it do this? Well, concentrating on your posture as well as being aware of your breathing is a significant form of meditation.
It takes your mind off your usual busy lifestyle and allows you to be in touch with yourself for a while.
Yoga can improve your nervous system, it can improve your posture which can aid sufferer’s of back pain, your musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and also your digestive system.
Improving all of these things can really benefit you in more ways than one. By improving these body functions, you can help yourself if you’re struggling to sleep at night, or if your energy levels are lacking or even if you are just wanting to improve your overall wellbeing.
If you’re already quite a fit Fernwood fox, you need to know that it is just as important to be mentally and emotionally fit, just as it is physically!
By practicing yoga you can improve your mental wellbeing drastically. Your overall mood will improve and any anxiety or depression you might suffer will decrease.
Yoga is fantastic for in between your other exercise classes or usual workouts. It is great for stretching out those tired, aching muscles and winding down after a busy week.

Try it out this week!

We have Gentle Yoga at:
8am Friday
Yoga at:
10.30am Saturday
10.30am Sunday
5.30pm Monday
10.30am Tuesday

Cya there Fernwood foxes!

By Zoe Kirby