With the weather warming up this week we thought we would write our blog post to suit the theme of sunshine, sand and the sea! Because I know a lot of us will be hitting the beach this weekend! So why not make the most of it and do some beach fitness while you’re there?!

What can you do on the beach to make your day in the sun a productive one?

If you’re a runner, one thing that is great for your fitness and also your mind, is beach running! Because the sand is soft, this decreases the rebound effect that pavement or road running gives you. This forces your muscles to get in action and works those quads, hips and gluteus muscles! Fantastic for toning those foxy legs! Beach running also activates those small muscles around your ankles, knees and feet, which will help reduce the risk of injury during road running. It is a fantastic idea to alternate your running grounds between road and the beach for all rounder strength and versatility. Also relaxes the mind as you have a fantastic view to run along to!

Walking lunges are also a fantastic thing to do at the beach! You get to take in the beautiful surroundings, chat to your friend next to you and get a fantastic workout! Activating more muscles than usual road lunges, they are great for improving strength in your ankles.

Getting too hot? Why not do some workouts in the water!

Use the water as resistance training! Turn parallel to the waves and walk against them, up to just over knee height. The resistance of the wave will make it harder to walk giving you a fantastic strength and agility workout!

Complete a series of shuttle runs! Start at your towel somewhere on the beach and run into the water, cooling yourself off with a full body dip and running back out again! Perfect for a cool off from the hot sun, but working out whilst you do it!

Finish off with a fun game of beach volleyball with some friends, or get creative and try out some yoga poses, at least you’ll have the soft sand to break your fall!

Do them with a friend to make a day of it!

Always ensure that you wear sunscreen and a hat where possible. Drink plenty of water and be aware of the current beach conditions. It is a good idea to have someone looking out for you to ensure that you are safe!

Who’s ready to try a couple of exercises out this weekend?! We are!

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Happy beaching Fernwood Foxes!


By Zoe Kirby