Hi ladies!

Last week our post was about beach fitness and this week we have decided to write about how to get yourselves beach ready for these hot and sunny days! We want you all to feel great about hitting the beach in your bikinis!

Firstly, we’ve decided to tell you about some exercises that are targeted at toning that fantastic body of yours!

Starting with the abs. Leg raises! Leg raises are fantastic for building that core strength and really tightening up your abdominal area. Lie flat on your back and raise your legs towards the ceiling, trying to keep the best stability that you can, hold onto something if you need.

What about those arms? Tricep dips are fantastic for toning up those wonderful arms of yours. Place your arms behind you on a gym bench/ ledge and slowly lower your body to the ground and bring yourself up again. 10 reps are great, or go more if you can.

And the most important of them all.. to keep your bottom toned and looking tip top, get squatting! Keep good form, with your feet flat on the ground and your back straight.

Now the exercises to add onto your usual workout are done, what about eating?

Clean eating is key to weight loss or even just for keeping your body toned and in tip top shape. So put away the Winter chocolate munchies and tackle those cravings!

Fantastic summer snacks include:

Smoothies! Think of all the fruits we have during the summer months… mangoes, peaches, pears, apples, nectarines, passionfruit, pineapple… oh the wonderful combinations you could make! Smoothies are great for getting your vitamin and nutrient content up without even knowing it. Put in your desired fruits in the blender and add in things like chia seeds, protein powder (to get your protein hit at the same time), linseeds, almonds…or any other health food you desire! Or try a green smoothie for a real nutrient blaster!

Salads! They don’t have to be boring! Make a crisp and refreshing salad with different greens, avocado, prawns and mango! Yum!

Summer is a fantastic time for clean eating, with a huge array of fresh fruits and vegetables available at the shops or markets and we usually have less desire to eat large, starchy meals when the weather is warm! Experiment with some recipes and @FernwoodMorayfield on instagram to show us what you’ve made!

Most importantly, stay confident! Confidence is the key to beauty and we know that all you Fernwood foxes have a reason to flaunt it!

Keep us updated on your Summer and beach activities by @FernwoodMorayfield, and #BeachBodBoost @FernwoodFitness on Instagram for your chance at winning a $500 Everlast shopping spree!

Have a great week foxes!


By Zoe Kirby