It’s a month of Cell IQ this month! With some fantastic offers available to you and packages that you just won’t want to pass up!

If you are still unsure what exactly Cell IQ is, we will give you a brief of what the treatment involves and how it can benefit you…

Cell IQ is a non invasive (even relaxing!) treatment that utilises low level laser therapy to target specific areas of the body that don’t normally respond to diet and exercise. Particularly for healthy women who struggle to shift weight from those stubborn areas that you just wish you could! This could be your stomach, thighs, love handles, bottom, whichever area you think needs it!

The lasers disrupt the fat cells causing them to shrink (imagine grapes shrinking to the size of raisins) and be released into the interstitial space, they are then released through the body’s metabolic system and they are then used as energy in a high intensity thirty minute workout.

Results vary depending on the person, but we do see instant results immediately, with the chance of losing inches off your troublesome area! The outcomes we have received our incredible, come into the club or give us a call to find out more about it, book a consultation and we can show you all of the positive before and after pictures that we have of our members! The more treatments, the better the results but you can even see results after just one session!

Also, it does not hurt! With results of liposuction and a fraction of the price, you can not go wrong with this non invasive treatment.

To make things even better, we have a special that you just can not pass up! We have an abs, butt and thighs package just for you! Non members included.

Come in and receive a Cell IQ treatment on your abs one week, butt the next and finishing off with your thighs on the third week. An all round treatment for those areas that most women want to improve! We don’t usually have packages on more than one area, so this is far too good to pass up! We want to help you feel great this Summer!

All three of these sessions as a package is only $199! Which is outstanding, as usually just one session is equal to $250.

So really how can it benefit you?

Losing centimetres off your troublesome area instantly, what more could you want?! How about losing centimetres off three troublesome areas for less than the price of one… it’s definitely time to treat yourself! It could be a reward for achieving that health and fitness goal you’ve just tackled, a reward for setting yourself some new Summer goals, or just because you foxes deserve it!

Call us on (07) 5433 1187 and have a chat to us about the treatment, or come in to the club!

We also have a Youtube video coming up this week, showing you exactly what is involved in a Cell IQ treatment! Look out on or subscribe to our Youtube channel

Hope to speak to you soon!


By Zoe Kirby