Halloween is just around the corner! About to stock the cupboard up with treats for the little ones?

Think again! We have some great ideas for tasty Halloween snacks for the little ones… and well we know you’ll want some too!

Check out this fantastic idea for a spooky Halloween dinner with the family. Stuff them with mixed vegetables, brown rice or quinoa- great for using up those veges in the fridge! They will look so fun that the kiddies won’t even worry about what’s inside!


These are also a fun and fantastic treat to have on the night of Halloween and to hand out at the door (because we know you will snack on them too!) Raw witches fingers!

Raw Witches Fingers

Make some pumpkin head sweet potato fries- definitely will be a hit with the kids and you can indulge in them too! Slice sweet potato and cut them into the shapes you desire, brush lightly with coconut oil and bake in the oven until lightly brown!


Try these fruity cups- they look and taste great and have great nutritional value too. Add whatever fruit you have chopped up and spoon inside the mandarin skins.


Have fun with the fruit you have in the house!


To top off your healthy Halloween, pump out these songs when you’re next working out to get in the spirit of this fun holiday!

‘Thriller’ -Michael Jackson

‘Disturbia’- Rihanna

‘Zombie’ -The Cranberries

‘Crawling’ -Linkin Park

‘The kids aren’t alright’ -Offspring

And if you do sneak in a few lollies this holiday- make sure you get in the gym and work them off!

Show us the Halloween creations that you come up with by @FernwoodMorayfield on Instagram! Look forward to seeing them!

Happy Halloween Fernwood foxes

By Zoe Kirby