We enter the month of November tomorrow which means Summer, school holidays and Christmas prepping! With all that’s going on it’s easy to lose sight of that end goal at the gym and even more importantly, in the kitchen.

We’re here to help you! We thought we could give you some eating tips and food substitutes to get you through and ensure you don’t go backwards with your health regime.

-No matter how busy you are- make sure you are eating breakfast every day! This is very important as it kickstarts your metabolism for the rest of the day.  A piece of fruit, handful of nuts, a yoghurt or a smoothie on the go- anything to get your body in action!

-We know how busy it can get throughout the week and the last thing you want to do after a long day at work or looking after the little ones, is prepare meals for the next day. The best thing to do is allocate a certain part of a day when you don’t have much going on, such as a Sunday to prep all your meals for the week. Not only does this make your life much less stressful and action packed, it will help you make nutritional choices throughout the week ahead. Prepare lots of vegetables, salads, chicken, kangaroo meat (fantastic source of protein), mix it up a bit so you don’t get bored! Pop them all in the fridge or freezer and take them out when you need! You can do this for the family meals too! Easy!

-That sweet craving after an evening meal can easily add some unwanted calories to your diet, try these tips to avoid snacking on sugary snacks. Try brushing your teeth as soon as you have finished eating to try and tackle those sweet cravings, or go and read a book or catch up on your favourite tv show to distract yourself. Or if you really can’t have nothing after your meal, reach for a peppermint tea!

-Now we all know how much everyone loves a glass of red after a long day, but when one glass turns into two, or three.. that’s when it may be a problem with your calorie intake! Limit yourself to one glass in the evenings, and the less intoxicated you are- the less likely it is that you will make wrong choices about what you’re eating.

Onto the fitness, try and seize every moment! Take the stairs, park your car on the opposite side of the carpark to the office- or go one better and park your car a few kilometres from the office/ school and walk the rest of the way! It’s the little things that add up to making overall healthier choices.

If you’re really struggling with motivation this month, tell us! We can book you in for a program update and get you motivated again!

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By Zoe Kirby