Well, it seems to be wedding season amongst a few of our members and loved ones! So we thought we could give you a few hot tips on how to get wedding ready and prepped for your big day!

Of course we recommend a healthy diet and workout plan all year round, but it’s definitely very important leading up to your big day!  We’re here to give you some guidance and also to give you some information on things you may not have thought about before so you can be looking and feeling your best on your big day!

Firstly, clean eating is definitely the way to go, which you are bound to know already, but more importantly in the few weeks leading up to your day.  Avoid those cheeky 3pm snacks especially, and those after dinner sweet cravings. Always keep some rice cakes, almonds or fruit on you to snack on to avoid snacking on those trans or saturated fats foods.  It is so important you eat consistently leading up to your wedding, otherwise your body will have the reverse effect to what you are wanting! Five small meals a day (even if it’s a fruit filled smoothie), will keep you satisfied and less likely to snack on foods you are wanting to avoid. Keep stocked up on your vitamins too, to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.

Workout wise, we think it’s important for you to focus on your whole body leading up to your wedding, so that you are happy with every area possible! Include strength training into your workouts, one day upper body, one day lower body, one day back, one day abs. Break up your strength training with cardio and ensure you are not doing too much strength training in one week- we don’t want any injuries! If you have a particular area you are wanting to improve and you just cant shift the weight definitely consider our Cell IQ options- which can do wonders for those troublesome areas and leave you feeling amazing and ready for your big day!

SLEEP! One of the most important things for you brides is to ensure you are getting your solid eight hours every night! We know you might be stressed, so if you find your mind drifting to seating plans or table arrangements, put some blissful music on, breathe in some lavender and try and clear your mind before you go to bed, to ensure a solid night of shut eye!

Hand in hand with this, is of course stress! We know it is stressful planning a wedding and the anticipation is dire, but stress does not do your body much good! When you’re feeling the pressure, take a walk and try and clear your mind. Write a to do list in order of importance- it’ s surprising how much this can help get your mind organised!

We can help you along your exciting pre-wedding journey too! Of course, with your standard gym membership we can tailor a new program for you to prepare you for your big day! We can help you with the one thing that you are struggling with, whether that’s your fitness regime or your eating habits, we’re here for you with Food Coaching and Personal Training options just waiting for you to snap up!

Or go the whole package with our 12 Week Bridal Workout which includes your gym, Personal Training and Food Coaching all in one! Along with a progress/ motivational book to help you with your journey!

Congratulations to all of you getting married and good luck on your pre wedding journey!

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By Zoe Kirby