Everyone’s using them, everyones talking about them. What was originally just packed in a bounty bar and used at fetes on the coconut shy, has now taken the nation by a storm!

We have coconut oils, coconut water, coconut flour, coconut sugar, coconut spreads… the list goes on! But is there a real health benefit?

It has been proven that that the wondrous coconut increases energy, aids in weight loss, natural antibiotic activity, cholesterol reduction and insulin stabilisation. If that’s not a superfood we don’t know what is!

What benefit does this give us? It prevents against heart disease, treats malnutrition, kills bacteria and viruses, aids diabetics in slowly releasing sugar into the bloodstream, prevents strokes and brain disorders, boosts metabolism and increases energy that’s more likely to be burned as fuel than stored as body fat.

It is incredible for hydration- great for those holiday hangovers that we know you will naughtily be enduring this Christmas holidays! Filled with electrolytes, it’s great for sport and gym also to get your vitamin and mineral levels where they should be.

It has multiple uses, it is also great for your skin! Try washing your face with coconut water, great for providing moisture and also for preventing acne. And of course your coconut body butters do wonders for your body!

There is plenty of products on the market now that incorporate coconut into the mix. It’s easy to add this wondrous super food into your diet.  Try out these recipes for some yummy coconut delights.

Tropical coconut balls for a pre or post workout snack:

Tropical Coconut Balls

Add some coconut in your smoothies to make a hydrating and delicious morning refreshment

Coconut Berry Smoothie

Mix coconut into your everyday recipes, such as soup! Yum!

Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup

In saying this, don’t go crazy on coconuts! They are high in saturated fats, which with too much consumption can have a negative effect on your body. Moderation is key!

Happy coconuting!

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By Zoe Kirby