Happy afternoon fellow bloggers! (or morning depending on when you are reading this). As you may all know, we have a massive 3 Day Sale coming up and we are noticing a pattern. Most women like the idea of the gym and exercising but apart from fitness, aren’t too sure how going to the gym benefits them. The gym can benefit us all in so many different ways! It can take us on a journey and leave us feeling uplifted (believe it or not, it’s true!).

The most obvious part is the PHYSICAL BODY transformation….

This one is of course is a huge reason why we visit the gym! Going to the gym helps us get fitter, more toned and energetic. The initial workouts are often met with pain resistance by the body but once you stretch, rest and repeat it begins to flow more naturally and that slimming down and/or toning up takes shape!

The next and sometimes less obvious change is in the MIND…

8:00pm the night before the gym “Alright, I’m going to go to the gym tomorrow!”

7:00am the morning of “But…I’m still sleepy…later, I’ll go later….”

Never let yourself fool you! We can be our own wost enemy sometimes. But after we push through the initial plunge and it becomes part of our regular routine we start to really see a change. Exercising releases endorphins into your body, making you feel happier and more energetic. We start to gain a bit more focus and harness our energy into positive and productive thoughts. Instead of feeling bad for not going…we now feel good!

Okay ladies, now here is the most UNREALISED reason…..YOU WILL LOVE YOU FOR BEING YOU

It’s natural to fantasise about looking like Miranda Kerr or Emma Stone but when you make it happen it’s amazing how your confidence and outlook changes. Instead of always looking at how amazing others look, you will feel comfortable saying that to yourself. Your focus will turn in all the right directs!

Alrighty! How is everyone feeling after reading this? Super keen? Keen? Or maybe still unsure?

Once you take the first step you will be amazed!

Grab a friend and come on in to our open day on Wednesday the 27th to try a free workout! You have the chance to prove to  yourself that you can take the plunge!

By Heather McGrath