One of the major problems that so many of us face is how to fit a full and healthy breakfast into our busy schedules. Breakfast is after all the most important meal of the day! So why do so many of us not schedule enough time for it in our days? 

The sad reality is that we are all a bit time poor. Whether it is running late to work, running late taking the kids to school or even trying to fit in that early morning workout, we all have our reasons. But we can’t let them get in the way of what’s also important. A healthy and full breakfast! 

If we don’t eat a nutritional breakfast then we can be left feeling sluggish and lacking energy for the rest of the day. Our bodies cannot function correctly (and it can leave us in a bit of a mood downer too!). There are so many ways to overcome our obstacles that usually leave us grabbing for that plain piece of toast on the way out the door! 

Pre-prepare your breakfast!

If you find that you don’t have time in the mornings, why not pre-prepare some breakfast options? We have come up with a few for you that will cover some crucial food groups! 

  • Yoghurt with berries and wheat flakes – this way you can just grab a tub of your favourite yogurt, add in some mixed berries and sprinkle with wheat or oat flakes. 
  • Wholemeal waffles or pancakes – It’s too easy! You can make them the night before then leave some for the morning. Just add your favourite fruits over the top
  • Egg on wheat cakes – This one is super simple. Boil the eggs the night or even day before and store in the fridge. Take them out when you are ready for them. Add them on top of wheat cakes along with pepper, avacado or alfalfa and wahlah!  

If you are still at a loss for time, at least grab that fresh piece of fruit from the kitchen and eat it as you go. It will still give you that natural energy hit that you need! 


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Heather McGrath