Good day to all you lovely ladies (and maybe gents) who are reading this!

It is finally December! The Christmas season is upon us and we are all picturing swimming in pools, shopping in air conditioning for gifts for those special people and of course, thinking of ways to keep the little ones occupied over the school holidays.

Keeping them occupied over the long Christmas break can be a challenge for everyone. Between juggling work and spending extra time with the kids, it can seem near impossible to make it to the gym as much as you can during the school season. Never fear! We are here to help!

Instead of trying to keep them occupied with games and toys when you are fitting in your home exercises, include them! There are a lot of different ways you can exercise with your kids that will leave you feeling accomplished (and them tired)!

Exercising with babies

If your child is still an infant there are still exercises you can do with them! Such as;

– Squats. It’s late, they are crying and restless and love being bounced up and down to calm them down. Instead of just a mini bounce. Make it a large squat and really get those muscles moving!

– Sit ups. Whether they are next to you or sitting at your feet. Everytime you come up, pull a silly face at them! It’s practically peek a boo


Exercising with toddlers

The troublesome two’s and three’s. Maybe these will keep them occupied!

– Sit ups. You can still do the sit ups with these little ones! Instead of making silly faces. Get them to hold your feet down and practice their counting skills as you sit up

– Yoga and pilates. Kids love imitating their parents. Do some simple Yoga moves with them to calm them down before bed time


School aged kids

Sometimes these can be the hardest to please because their mind is so active all school day!

Skipping. It sounds like childs play but skipping can be a great workout for both of you that is both fun and rewarding. Try mixing up the ropes with some criss-cross and double-cross action!

Swimming. Swimming is a great way to keep them entertained. While they play in the pool you can squeeze in some fast paced laps to get that heart rate up!

It sounds simple but doing these will help keep you both occupied during the school holidays (plus you can still sneak out at night for some mummy alone time if you have 24hr access!)

Heather @Fernwood Morayfield