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Well, another week has passed and we are edging ever closer to Christmas. The halls are being decked with holly, carollers are carolling, bells are ringing and geese are laying. During the busy season it can feel like there is a lot of pressure on us. Trying to keep up with the kids, looking after family and friends and trying to find the right present for everyone all while trying to maintain that healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately amongst all the chaos it’s the latter that seems to slip through the cracks!

Whether it’s that final piece of Plum Pudding or just not finding time to come into the gym, we all have our downfall. So how do we keep our figures while still enjoying the holiday season? It’s actually easier than it seems (now everyone sigh in relief!)

Okay all, lets step it out so we don’t miss anything!

1. Breath

We all stress a little too much sometimes! Christmas can always be a bit chaotic but if we just take a minute to stop and breath in and out deeply for a minute then we can regain some level headed control. When we stress a little and then begin to stress about stressing we leave ourselves unable to function correctly!

2. The healthy alternative

Instead of depriving ourselves of that Christmas treat, it’s okay to have a little! Portion size and ingredients is the key here. Instead of buying that massive sugar filled cake from the shop that takes a long time to fill you, opt to make a healthy and heavier alternative that will leave you feeling just as satisfied! (Why not try swapping white flour for almond meal?)

3. Take some you time

Set up a baby sitter (whether it be husband, wife or older child), leave those little ones in capable hands and come take some relaxing time to yourself at the gym. It’ll leave you feeling less guilty and give you time to replenish your mental pool so you can spring back into action.

Seem too simple? That’s because it is!

Stay tuned for our next blog at Fernwood Morayfield and Merry Christmas!

Heather @Fernwood Morayfield