Good day everybody!

How was your Christmas? We certainly hope that our last few blogs made it a smooth, healthy and less stressful one!

Now that the Christmas jitters are beginning to settle we are setting our sites on another big celebration. New Years Eve! This time of year often brings a lot of joy and happiness to us and can really make us sit back and reflect on the year that has been.

Another birthday has passed (it’s just the second anniversary of our past birthday right?), more goals were set (and hopefully reached) and we discovered new things. Some of us have had some sad times with the floods and bushfires but we have held together and made it through. Bring on 2014!

An important part of bringing in the new year is setting goals that we want to achieve during it. The beauty of it is, your goal can be anything that you want! Some people have one and some people have tons. We have got some great ones below to get you started on your quest

  • Get fit! – Not so surprising but this one tops the list for many every year. It’s a great end goal, but don’t forget to set the little goals along the way like; be able to bicep curl 10kg on each arm or do 25 push ups in a row
  • Get healthy! – Put those left over Christmas goodies down! Getting healthy is all about eating the right amount of good food for you. It can be super tough so if you have tried this several times before and haven’t succeeded, we suggest enlisting the help of a Food Coach who can help guide you each week.
  • Get rich! – Well…this one is a toughie so we just suggest to save even the pennies (well.. 5c pieces)! It’s amazing how much they add up. You don’t necessarily have to cut out too much, just maybe choose a cheaper alternative?
  • Get happy! – Feed the body, feed the mind and feed the soul with good food, knowledge that betters you and thoughts that empower you!

So how is everyone feeling about the New Year now? Embrace it and from everyone here at Fernwood, Auld Lang Syne, welcome the future and bring it in with family and friends.


Heather@ Fernwood Morayfield