The pilates craze has taken us by a storm all over the world and we know that most of you in the club just love it! But what’s the benefit for us? Who is it really suited for?

Surprisingly pilates can achieve probably more than you may think! It incorporates body strength and flexibility to make a fantastic, all round workout.

The benefits?

As well as your muscles, pilates actually strengthens your bones! Due to the low impact resistance, it can do more positive things to your body than you may think and can help those of you with injuries that can’t participate in high impact exercise. 

It strengthens your entire core with the use of stabilising and flexibility techniques, but in particular, pilates strengthens and tones your inner thighs like you wouldn’t believe! In fact, pilates strengthens several areas of your body, it is such a fantastic course of exercises to undertake for general wellbeing and also when you have an injury and need a little extra strength.

With the arm stabilising movements and strengthening techniques, pilates actually improves your overall balance.  And let’s face it, those uncoordinated few (me, me, me!) could do with some extra tips on improving this skill!

It is a relaxant! Yes, you can even de stress your body and your soul with pilates! Pilates is all about conscious movement of the body and works in a similar way to yoga in that it can relax your body when it most needs it.

Heard enough benefits yet? Well amongst all of these tips and tricks of pilates positives, it also can boost your metabolic rate, be used as a detox remedy and it a workout for the whole body. So really, what are you waiting for?

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By Zoe Kirby