Saturday is the start of a new month! What goes well with a fresh month? Some new goal setting!

Goal setting is vital for achieving the results that you are wanting to achieve. Why? Because they make you think about your future and further motivate you to change this vision into reality. Once you have set your goals, the journey of achieving them becomes more focused and can be strategized to ensure you are reaching them! For example, you could set a goal that you want visible abs by the end of March, book in for a new program, have a chat to one of our Personal Trainers and they can give you all kinds of different ab exercises that you can undertake to achieve these goals!

Now if you hadn’t set a goal, you wouldn’t have the results!

Amongst this goal setting it’s also important that you set smart goals that are not only motivating but also attainable.

Ensuring that your goals are SMART is the key to success!

Specific- ensuring your goals are specific, for example ensuring that your goals detail exactly what you are wanting to achieve is vital to ACHIEVING exactly what you want to achieve.

Measurable- ensuring that your goals are measurable is also important in tracking your progress. Measurements, before and after photos- they all help!

Attainable- ensuring that the goals you are actually setting are attainable is important to ensure you aren’t setting your goals too high or too low.

Relevant- ensuring that the goals you are setting out to achieve are relevant to your overall success is key for your overall result.

Timely- put a time limit on your goals! This is why monthly goals are a great idea for the gym, it is a reasonable amount of time to achieve your results and discover what is next on the list of things to achieve!

Where do you go from here? Book in for a program update in the club for a refresher, we can create a new list of goals for the new month and show you some fantastic ways of achieving them!

Give us a call on 07 5433 1187 and book in today!

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By Zoe Kirby