Today we will be telling you all about interval training and how the workout can benefit you by giving you the results you want, and fast!
Interval training is amazing for weight loss and achieving weight loss fast! How?
Well scientists have proven that interval training that involves exercising at a high intensity in intervals aids in decreasing body fat, improves insulin sensitivity, boost exercise capacity, endurance and muscular fitness.
By undertaking exercise at a high intensity for a short amount of time and then slowing down to a low intensity for a short amount of time gets your heartrate up to a high level and then slows it back down during the rest time, then when you pick up your pace and return to a high intensity level of exercise your body has to get used to the short recovery time. Therefore your fitness improves and the workout becomes harder to complete. Which in turn, leads to decreased body fat, improved insulin sensitivity, exercise capacity and muscular fitness.
A few ways that you can complete interval training is by alternating between walking and running on the treadmill.
Or from a little resistance to a lot of resistance on the cross trainer.
Use your imagination and discover what your body is capable of!
Undertake each exercise for 30 seconds high intensity, 10 seconds low intensity.
There is risks with high intensity interval training and it is aimed at people who have a reasonable fitness ability. So don’t push yourselves beyond your capabilities, but give it a go and see what your body can do!
Have fun foxes!

By Zoe Kirby