It’s St Patricks Day! Even if you’re not Irish, we think it’s a great time to celebrate and rejoice the Irish folk! But don’t be mistaken, that doesn’t mean you get a day off your healthy eating or exercise regime! We have some tip top recipes for you to delve in to enjoy the green of the Irish, well hey the greener the foods the better they are for you!

If you haven’t had a green smoothie this morning yet, get your blender in action and make one for your mid afternoon snack! Here’s a scrumptious recipe for you to try and to ensure you’re getting the greenest intake you can get!

Green Smoothie Recipe

For a yummy dinner for you and the family try a scrumptious chicken dish that will bring out the Irish in all of you!

Salsa Verde Chicken

For a tasty dessert that won’t be stacked with calories try this yummy healthy icecream dish!

Avocado Icecream

Enjoy this St Pattys Day and delve into your dishes on the luscious green grass and have a picnic! Make the most of the last few days of sunshine and heat!

Add something fun into your afternoon workout to make the most of your day, or rock your favourite green lorna jane!

Enjoy it me shamrocks!


By Zoe Kirby