I don’t think we could count the amount of fad diets that have come across our eyes in magazines, social media and even the news… how do we know which one will work? Which one is healthy?

In particular, recently there is a lot of people doing the paleo diet. Which is actually one of the smarter of the fads that we have come across! What is it exactly? Well it is about cutting back to basics, back to caveman times and only consuming the foods that we naturally would have acquired without all the preservatives and mass producing factories that we have today.  It involves a lot of vegetables, fruit, nuts, seafood, seeds, meat, poultry and eggs.  The whole goal of the diet is to avoid foods such as dairy products, peanuts, potatoes, refined sugar, salt, grains, alcohol and processed foods.

It has been known to help all sorts of health issues from asthma, migraines, bloating, high blood pressure and allergies.  Of course it also aids in weight loss and muscle build.

Sounds pretty amazing right? Well yes, there has been numerous amazing results but this is not to say that it works for everybody.  Everyone has different body shapes, mechanisms and tolerances.  We think there is no harm trying paleo out, but if you need to adapt it to suit you-go for it!

Everyone is different and different things work for different people.  Have a chat to our Food Coach and we can work out together the best eating plan for you!

Have you been on a diet recently? Paleo? Has it worked well for you? We would love to hear from you to see how you went!

Happy eating foxes!


By Zoe Kirby