School holidays are upon us already! Now we know it can be hard to maintain a healthy eating and exercise routine when you’ve got the little ones but we are here to give you some exercise and eating tips for when you are busy running around with the little ones.

One of the hardest times is when the kiddies are inside with their friends watching television. You might be tempted to just have a sit down and chill with them, whilst this is ok for a little while, it’s not ok for the whole day! Use this time to do some productive things around the house, like all the vacuuming and maybe give the house that Spring clean it’s due for! It’s a good way to burn a few calories and get the chores done!

Maybe the little ones are playing outside on the trampoline or running around, instead of watching them from the kitchen window- go and join in! The kids will love spending some active time with you and hey look, there’s some more calories burned!

Take them out somewhere to enjoy the sunshine before the Winter months come into sight, play some beach volleyball, take a trip to the park, or go on a bike ride picnic! Ask them what they would like to do with you to get active, they will love that they get to take part in some fun active time with their mum!

Eating wise, it will be easy to snack on what you’re making the kiddies and being school holidays- chances are they won’t be as healthy as what they usually would be! But if you can, make them healthy as possible, the little ones will have much more energy and be in better moods! Healthy sandwiches on rye, or fun wraps and tacos! Or if you really must eat differently to the kiddies- take advantage of all this time on your hands in the house and get cooking! Use the time to create lots of delicious yet healthy meals and snacks.

But what we would really love is for you guys to still be visiting us in the gym! We love having all our members in-we get lonely otherwise! So pop your kiddies in the crèche- chances are they will love an hour or so meeting some new friends and enjoying all of our crèche facilities. And you still get your workout in!

Our crèche times are:

8-45-10.45am Mon-Fri

10.15- 11.45am Mon- Fri

8.30-9.30am Sat

9.30-10.30am Sat

Give us a call on 5433 1187 and book your little ones in today!

Enjoy some time with your kiddies and make the most of it!


By Zoe Kirby