It’s the end of another festive holiday… the Easter bunny has been and gone! The little ones are back off to school and you are left possibly slightly behind on your health and fitness regime.

We have found that the best way to get you back on track is to cleanse and detox your body.  So take some time out for yourself and enjoy a little pampering!

Start your day with a delicious nutrient packed green smoothie, loaded with fruits, vegetables and superfoods to nourish your body and cleanse your system of any toxins (that you may have consumed over the Easter break!)

Here’s four delicious recipes you can pick your favourite and try!
Green Smoothie Recipes

Try and keep your meals packed with vitamins and nutrients to refresh your body’s health.  Lots of fruits and vegetables and try and avoid sugars and refined carbohydrates.  We recommend using plenty of garlic in your meals, this will aid in clearing any nasties from your bowel, which may have left you with that horrible bloating feeling!  Coconuts are also a great way to clear the digestives of any nasties that may leave you feeling sluggish- coconut oil, coconut water- however you love your coconuts. These foods are fantastic for cleansing your bowel and ensuring that your body is left feeling refreshed.

Hit the gym! You may have gotten away with not going for a few days over Easter, but no excuses now! Put on your gear and try something new in the club today. A new class or give us a call to book an appointment for a new program update! Mix it up, it will help your mind and body get back in the zone without feeling bored with your routine.

Now the fun part, take some time out to relax in a nice hot bath, filled with your favourite essential oils and surrounded by some delicious smelling candles! Take this time to read your favourite book, reconnect with yourself and reassess your health and fitness goals.  Even enjoy a sneaky glass of antioxidants (aka red wine) or a delicious cleansing herbal tea.

After a day of reassessing your journey and cleansing your mind and soul you should be feeling refreshed and ready to take on another few months of your healthy lifestyle!!

Let us know how you’re going with your health and fitness journey, we are always up for a chat!


By Zoe Kirby