That time of year has come around again to treat your mothers! Or maybe you’re the one to be treated! Either or, it’s time to have a mother orientated day! Make the most of your Mothers Day, get active, relax and enjoy some time together. Here’s some things that we think you can do together:

Don’t want to miss out on your daily gym sesh? We understand! Bring your mum or daughter in to the club for an awesome session, try out a class that you’ve never done before and work through it together! Or pop the little ones into crèche for an hour-they’ll love visiting the gym where their mummy goes all the time! Or if you’re doing a workout together.. do your own workout and show her what you’re capable of, I’m sure she will love being able to get active and spend some quality time with you! Some fantastic active things to do together would be some yoga, some clapping push ups, alternating sets between your desired machines or even get outside and play some tennis!

Follow your workout with a scrumptious healthy breakfast. We recommend the Paleo Café in North Lakes, or somewhere where the healthy choices are the better choices! Experiment and try something fun. Or if you really have your creative heads on make some breakfast together! Hit up the recipe books (maybe that one passed on from your great grandmother) and get creative together in the kitchen. Here is some scrumptious recipes you foxy ladies could try out for lunch or an afternoon feast!

Sun-dried tomato, goats cheese and fresh basil frittata

Whilst cooking away in the kitchen you could be sipping on these yummy drinks:

Pressed watermelon with basil water

Spend the day without your phones and without the stresses. Go for a walk together, maybe have a look around the sunday markets or visit your favourite coffee shop.

Mothers Day is all about appreciation, so make your mum feel loved this year- time with her is sure to do that! We’d love to help you enjoy a wonderful together, so visit us to receive a free class voucher for your mum or your daughter today!

Enjoy yourselves foxes and relax a little too 🙂

By Zoe Kirby