There’s a new craze on the nutritional bandwagon, quinoa! What’s it all about? Well we are here to tell you all about it’s nutritional value and how it can fit into your daily diet. Quinoa, pronounced in several ways-however you want to pronounce it, is a super nutritious grain that is stacked with benefits for your body’s health and is also gluten free for those of you that have intolerances! It is super high in fibre which can aid in lowering cholesterol and also has low GI.  It contains eight amino acids which aids vegetarians in any nutrients that they may be missing out on.

Rich in several nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E! One food with all this goodness, why wouldn’t you have it stocked in your pantry?!

Quinoa comes in a few different forms, white, red and black.  It has a fluffy consistency and is perfect as an accompaniment to meals!  Toss it in your salads, throw it in your stews, even make tasty rissoles or frittatas out of it! It even comes in the form of flour or flakes to mix into your nutritious recipes or make cereal out of it.

So how can I use it my daily life?

Here’s some fantastic recipes that you can incorporate into your daily meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Apricot, Cranberry & Quinoa Porridge

Dukkah Chicken & Quinoa Salad

Capsicum stuffed with rice, quinoa and lentil salad

Try these out in your weekly meal plans and see the different in your wellbeing! Each quinoa stuffed meal is packed with nutrients and vitamins ready for you to take on your day.

Enjoy foxes! Let us know how your quinoa meals have turned out by posting your delish creations on our Facebook!



By Zoe Kirby