We probably all don’t get enough sleep and I bet you we all wish we got a few more hours shut eye in the mornings… well we’re here to tell you that you may just need that!

Sleep has soo many benefits, even we didn’t know just how much until we decided to do our blog this week! A solid eight hours sleep instead of the sorry six or even for most Australians, five hours that we are currently getting, can be vital for our own health and how we take on our day.

By getting a minimum of eight hours sleep can set you up for a much brighter and more fulfilled day. Not only this but getting enough shut up eye can give you long term health benefits as well. How?

Getting enough sleep can improve your mood ten fold! You will be feeling much more creative and ready to take on any problem that is thrown at you. Not only this but the decisions that you do make will be much more informed, so believe it or not sleeping on that problem may be extremely beneficial for your decision making process.

Your brain will feel much more active when you have had a reasonable amount of sleep.  Your concentration levels will dramatically improve just by having enough sleep. Also proven by memory tests, your memory will also be much more efficient if you get enough sleep so ensure you get enough shut eye before that big exam coming up or meeting with the company managers!

You’ll actually live longer! Sleep relaxes your body and lets it recover from any short term illnesses and in turn prevent any long term illnesses.  You will improve your overall health and decrease your chances of getting ill.

You know what tops the cake? You’ll actually look more attractive and your figure is much more likely to stay in shape! This has actually been tested and people who had more sleep than others were easily identified as being more health attractive and not tired looking.

Not only this but you will feel much more revived in the morning, ready to come into the gym for your workout! 

I don’t think there could be any more reasons for a sleep in this weekend! Try and go to bed slightly earlier and wind down with a book, avoiding technology right before you nod off as these can affect your sleeping patterns and whether you get a good night’s kip or not!

Have a good nights sleep foxes!!


By Zoe Kirby