We thought that with the start of Winter being yesterday that we would address the dreaded flu outbreak! I’m sure we all know of somebody that has been taken hostage in their own home within the past few weeks because they are couped up in bed suffering the dreaded winter sickness.

Well, hopefully we can help this year! By giving you some tips and tricks to avoid being taken culprit. Whilst it’s only day two of Winter, an already astounding 3488 people have been diagnosed with the flu already! Eeeek

So here’s how to steer clear… The flu shot! We almost have it handed to us, with flu shots being offered at your GP, medical trucks and even chemists! Take advantage of it and get vaccinated today. Worried you’ll get sick from having the vaccination? MYTH! The flu shot gets changed every year which means the affects are improved every year!

Good hygiene is necessary for preventing the flu aswell. Ensuring your hands are being washed after you sneeze, cough or are within a public place. Being aware of your surroundings could save you a week or two in bed!

Keep your vitamin intake up! Lots of fruit and veges stacked into your diet is a must! If your vitamin levels are up, your resistance will also be up, so your whole body will be fighting against the nasties!

Increase your fluids, any nasties that find themselves hibernating in your body are more likely to be flushed out than to stick around.

And of course being your gym and all, keep your fitness up! Come see us in the club, the healthier you are the less likely you are to fall unwell 🙂

Good luck foxes, we hope you all manage to steer clear of the germs this Winter.

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By Zoe Kirby