It’s the second game of Origin this week! Go Queenslander!!  Origin brings a perfect time to catch up with friends whilst watching number two of three ultimate games of the year! And well we all know what footy and friends leads to.. binging! Whether it’s beer, chips, pizza.. none of it is ideal for your usually healthy Wednesday! Instead of feeling lousy the next day (hopefully not because we lost), wake up feeling fresh after Origin with these few tips that will enable you to enjoy some deliciousness without the calories! You’re friends will love you for it too!

Instead of reaching for the burger rings or extra salty packet of chips… have some original corn chips! And make your own delicious salsa.  All you need to do is whip up some tomatoes, a red onion, jalepeno peppers, a clove of garlic, red wine vinegar, spritz of lime juice and salt and pepper to taste all smashed in your blender! Wa-la! Delicious fresh ingredients turned into a yummy dip for your mates to tuck into.

Start off your night a little earlier and instead of ordering your pizzas (let’s face it it’s a pain trying to get through to them anyway, let alone wait your turn for your pizza), make your own! All you need is some tortilla wraps that can be used as a pizza base, fresh tomato sauce and whatever yummy toppings you like! Everyone can add whatever toppings they like so nobody has to sacrifice eating a pizza that they hate and it’s a bit of fun to get everyone in the origin festivities!

Drinks wise, a beer or two won’t harm you on a special occasion. Although, limit how many you have and opt for a lo-carb beer. Alternatively, make some delicious fresh fruit punch with soda water and vodka for a tasty low calorie drinks choice for guests.

And don’t forget to still drink plenty of water, you’ll need it after all the screaming at the television!

Most of all, enjoy the game! Have fun, you’ll feel great the next day if you released lots of happy endorphins!




By Zoe Kirby