Ice BucketHave you heard about the ice bucket challenge? It’s sweeping the internet and it’s no surprise as to why. The idea is to;

1) Grab a bucket of ice

2) Pour it over your head while someone films it

3) Post the video of yourself doing it on Twitter and Facebook and challenge a few friends or even celebrities to do the same or else donate $100 to charity

It’s brilliant! An amazing way to motivate others into doing something and I think we should all be doing more of it…but maybe not with buckets of ice. Instead why not try it with a #healthyselfie #healthfood or even a #sweatygym snap? There are a lot of fads out there but we have to be super conscious as to not get caught up in the wrong ones!

Separating the healthy from the not healthy can be hard when we are being constantly bombarded with the newest fads that all promise to get us the results that we have been looking for. Realistically when we are looking at our lifestyle we have to consider two major points.

1) Will I find it appetising

While some fads look great, unless we find the food in it appetising, we will not be able to stick to it. Things like the Lemon Diet might work for some, but unless you really love the taste of lemon – eating it 3 times a day can be a bit too much!

2) Is this something that I can maintain for life

Most importantly the ability to take it from a Fad to lifestyle change you can stick to for life is key to the success. Meal plans that offer a variety of options that include all necessary food groups in liquid AND solid form are essential. Our mouths need to chew otherwise it sends a message to our stomach that we haven’t eaten very much!

If ever in doubt, come an have a chat to one of our friendly food coaches, they are always eager to point you in the healthy and happy direction!