We’ve noticed a trend in the gym of women doing loads of weights (which is awesome keep going foxes!) but some of you hate the idea of some high intensity cardio, such as running! We want to help you out and show you how awesome running can be! Not only for your health and fitness but also for enjoyment!

All you need is a new program, some commitment and most of all motivation! To build you up to running long distances we recommend you incorporate three different types of training, including high intensity long duration cardio, high intensity interval training and strength circuits! With this combination of exercise, you will build up your fitness ability to be able to sustain a 10km run.

Ask one of our personal trainers to book you in for a new program and explain to them what routine you would love to take part in.  We recommend undertaking a functional fit session too to build up that high intensity interval training and strength circuits!

Now you can’t just expect to wake up one morning and be able to run 10km straight up, but with the best training and motivation, we can get you there!

We recommend starting off with a few slow jogs and even take some walking breaks to build up your fitness capabilities and get your body used to the impacts of running.

Another way to sustain your running and make sure you stay motivated is to constantly set yourself goals. Even if it is while your running, to make it to the end of the road etc, you will find you will always be pushing yourself to do better.

Staying healthy is another way to increase your performance and also to keep yourself well enough for a consistent running schedule.

Finding a running partner is highly beneficial too! So get them involved in your running routine and you’ll be next to run in a marathon!

Happy running foxes!


By Zoe Kirby