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The weather has definitely warmed up lately, it’s feeling more like Summer than Spring! Part of our fantastic Beach Bod challenge is meeting with a nutritionist once a week to help you monitor your diet and ensure you are putting the right foods into your body!

Did you know that maintaining a healthy weight range involves 80% diet and 20% exercise? It’s more important than you may think!

So in the spirit of the weather heating up and all those beach trips you will be doing, we want you to be feeling your absolute best! Eating the right foods can lift your mood and make you feel better about yourself inside and out.

Now is the perfect time to sign yourself up for some food coaching. You could start with the Beach Bod challenge and see where you can go from there! Our nutritionists will complete eating plans suited entirely for you and weigh in and measure you so we can monitor your progress and provide a listening ear for all your struggles along the way. Remember, we are here to help you!

We thought to get you started and motivated this Spring, we would give you a few recipes to get you started on your journey towards a healthier you.

Bright green pea salad with lemon and mint 

This is such a refreshing, light and tasty recipe. Fantastic for BBQs, a light lunch or to accompany a delicious piece of fish at dinner.

Israeli couscous with prawns and zucchini

A delicious, cultural dish that mixes some amazing flavours together. Great for a yummy lunch or dinner or even use it as a side dish at a dinner party.

Smoked trout salad

Amazing! Such delicious flavours in this little dish. Amazing by itself in a stand alone meal or serve as canapés at your next dinner party or get together.

Got a sweet tooth? No problem!

Yoghurt and fruit tart

Beat the chocolate cravings with this delicious and light tart. Perfect for that Spring dessert. Take the tart to your friends for their next get together and you’ll be a hit for months! Or keep it to yourself and enjoy it over time after dinner, yum!

We’d love for you to try out our recipes and let us know how you liked them! We know you all love to take pictures of your food on Instagram (admit it), upload and @FernwoodMorayfield and show us how great they look!

If you’re getting started on Beach Bod this week, good luck! You’ll do great, signing up was the biggest step-you’re halfway there already! Let us know how you’re going! Don’t forget @FernwoodMorayfield @FernwoodFitness #BeachBodBoost in your beach fitness pics for your chance to win a $500 shopping spree with Everlast. A $1500 shopping spree with Everlast is also up for grabs! AND if you are the winner at Fernwood Morayfield you will win up to $3000 of product at the club! Woohoo!

If you’re still a bit unsure about Beach Bod, orr you just love a party, head down to Fernwood Morayfield today for our fantastic Beach Bod 2013 Beach Party! Starting in the group fitness room at 4.30pm and then within the gym floor, we will be holding some fun games, have delicious snacks and drinks for you to enjoy and lots of prizes up for grabs! Including something for everyone who turns up! Ensure you dress in your best beach attire (there’s a prize for best dressed) and have some fun! You’re welcome to bring a friend (even if they’re not a member) to enjoy the fun aswell.

See you all there!

By Zoe Kirby




Hi ladies!

Last week our post was about beach fitness and this week we have decided to write about how to get yourselves beach ready for these hot and sunny days! We want you all to feel great about hitting the beach in your bikinis!

Firstly, we’ve decided to tell you about some exercises that are targeted at toning that fantastic body of yours!

Starting with the abs. Leg raises! Leg raises are fantastic for building that core strength and really tightening up your abdominal area. Lie flat on your back and raise your legs towards the ceiling, trying to keep the best stability that you can, hold onto something if you need.

What about those arms? Tricep dips are fantastic for toning up those wonderful arms of yours. Place your arms behind you on a gym bench/ ledge and slowly lower your body to the ground and bring yourself up again. 10 reps are great, or go more if you can.

And the most important of them all.. to keep your bottom toned and looking tip top, get squatting! Keep good form, with your feet flat on the ground and your back straight.

Now the exercises to add onto your usual workout are done, what about eating?

Clean eating is key to weight loss or even just for keeping your body toned and in tip top shape. So put away the Winter chocolate munchies and tackle those cravings!

Fantastic summer snacks include:

Smoothies! Think of all the fruits we have during the summer months… mangoes, peaches, pears, apples, nectarines, passionfruit, pineapple… oh the wonderful combinations you could make! Smoothies are great for getting your vitamin and nutrient content up without even knowing it. Put in your desired fruits in the blender and add in things like chia seeds, protein powder (to get your protein hit at the same time), linseeds, almonds…or any other health food you desire! Or try a green smoothie for a real nutrient blaster!

Salads! They don’t have to be boring! Make a crisp and refreshing salad with different greens, avocado, prawns and mango! Yum!

Summer is a fantastic time for clean eating, with a huge array of fresh fruits and vegetables available at the shops or markets and we usually have less desire to eat large, starchy meals when the weather is warm! Experiment with some recipes and @FernwoodMorayfield on instagram to show us what you’ve made!

Most importantly, stay confident! Confidence is the key to beauty and we know that all you Fernwood foxes have a reason to flaunt it!

Keep us updated on your Summer and beach activities by @FernwoodMorayfield, and #BeachBodBoost @FernwoodFitness on Instagram for your chance at winning a $500 Everlast shopping spree!

Have a great week foxes!


By Zoe Kirby


With the weather warming up this week we thought we would write our blog post to suit the theme of sunshine, sand and the sea! Because I know a lot of us will be hitting the beach this weekend! So why not make the most of it and do some beach fitness while you’re there?!

What can you do on the beach to make your day in the sun a productive one?

If you’re a runner, one thing that is great for your fitness and also your mind, is beach running! Because the sand is soft, this decreases the rebound effect that pavement or road running gives you. This forces your muscles to get in action and works those quads, hips and gluteus muscles! Fantastic for toning those foxy legs! Beach running also activates those small muscles around your ankles, knees and feet, which will help reduce the risk of injury during road running. It is a fantastic idea to alternate your running grounds between road and the beach for all rounder strength and versatility. Also relaxes the mind as you have a fantastic view to run along to!

Walking lunges are also a fantastic thing to do at the beach! You get to take in the beautiful surroundings, chat to your friend next to you and get a fantastic workout! Activating more muscles than usual road lunges, they are great for improving strength in your ankles.

Getting too hot? Why not do some workouts in the water!

Use the water as resistance training! Turn parallel to the waves and walk against them, up to just over knee height. The resistance of the wave will make it harder to walk giving you a fantastic strength and agility workout!

Complete a series of shuttle runs! Start at your towel somewhere on the beach and run into the water, cooling yourself off with a full body dip and running back out again! Perfect for a cool off from the hot sun, but working out whilst you do it!

Finish off with a fun game of beach volleyball with some friends, or get creative and try out some yoga poses, at least you’ll have the soft sand to break your fall!

Do them with a friend to make a day of it!

Always ensure that you wear sunscreen and a hat where possible. Drink plenty of water and be aware of the current beach conditions. It is a good idea to have someone looking out for you to ensure that you are safe!

Who’s ready to try a couple of exercises out this weekend?! We are!

Ensure you take a photo of yourselves on Instagram undertaking some beach fitness and #BeachBodBoost @FernwoodFitness for your chance to WIN a $500 shopping spree with Everlast!!

Happy beaching Fernwood Foxes!


By Zoe Kirby 



You’ve seen the signs, you’ve heard us yapping about it.. but what really is it?!

Our Beach Bod Boost is an 8 Week Challenge starting on October 8th, finishing on December 2. The primary goal of this challenge is to get fit, feel great, stay motivated and get into shape this Summer!

You can choose a Beach Bod programme suited to your participation needs and wants, meaning that all activities are self paced and self driven by each of you! And we’re here to push you further than you’d usually go!

Maybe you have your diet is fairly under control and you’re just struggling with exercise motivation? Try our Beach Boost package, perfect for those of you needing some support in the gym and a little push to really make a difference. This package includes personal training for the 8 weeks and your Beach Bod information updates.

Or maybe you’re in the gym everyday but your diet could be better? We can help you with our Beach Bod package. Providing you weekly food coaching sessions tailored to your Beach Bod challenge and all Beach Bod information updates.

Really want that Summer ready body you’ve always wanted? Tackle it head on with our Food Coaching and Personal Training Beach Bod package. With exercise programs and food plans that are perfect for achieving those results you’ve always wanted.

If you already have Food Coaching and Personal Training as part of your membership.. PERFECT! With no extra cost, you’re all set to go with updated tailored programs suited to the Beach Bod Challenge!

We also have the option of adding boot camp to your Beach Bod Makeover challenge!  Where once a week, one of our PTs will put you through an intensive workout. We’ve seen amazing results just from boot camp alone!

Not only this, but we also have the Beach BONUS (cell-IQ)… why not go the whole way?! Complete your Summer beach bod makeover with eight sessions of Cell-IQ at a special price for Beach Bod participants!

So there you have it, lots of options to suit your own individual exercise and nutritional needs ready for the Summer season! AND everyone who participates will go in the draw to win a $1500 shopping spree with Everlast!

Also make sure you enter our Beach Bod Boost Social Media Photo Competition in the weeks leading up to our Beach Bod Challenge… just to get you pumped! Our theme is Beach Fitness… be experimental and show us what you’re made of! On instagram #beachbodboost @FernwoodFitness @FernwoodMorayfield and you will go into the draw to win a $500 Everlast shopping spree!

Enquire in club today for more information or give us a call on 07 5433 1187!

Let’s get those Summer bods in action!

By Zoe Kirby