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It’s that time of year again… challenge time! Our 12 week challenge starts on March 10th, if you’re not on board yet I’d suggest you get on it! It’s going to be one of our best challenges yet!

What is it all about? It incoporates food coaching, personal training plus optional bootcamp and functional fit to help you achieve your best self in 12 weeks! Not to mention you have something to work towards as well as an amazing new you! We have club prizes for the winner and also national prizes- yes, you can aim to be the national winner!

We’ve seen fantastic results as you can porobably see! If you have some weight to shift or an event coming up or if you are simply looking for a challenge, then we have the best solution for you with complete support through an intensive 12 weeks of health and fitness.

This years challenge has taken a new approach as we have themed each week with a different aspect of your health and fitness journey for you to focus on.

The first week solely focuses on creating your health and fitness plan. Setting your goals, determining your plan of action, scheduling your appointmnets and getting used to using your journal to track not only your progress but your thoughts and feelings throughout the challenge. This week is extremely important, as preparation is the KEY to a healthy lifestyle! Getting into these habits will help you a great deal along the way.

The second week focuses on breaking the emotional eating cycle. Who doesn’t need to break this habit?!

The third week focuses on clearing the clutter from your mind, body and spirit.  This is so important for creating space within yourself for the NEW YOU! How exciting does this sound!

The fourth week is where we will focus on exploring your beliefs.  Changing your mindset around limiting beliefs. We all need something to believe it, something to drive us to being the best we can be!

Week five is your blueprint for success! We will teach you modelling techniques to achieve your desired goal. A very imporant part in your health and fitness journey is to keep your eye on the end goal.

The sixth week, half way! We will review your progress, reasses your goals,  take testimonial photos and determine what needs to change. A great week filled with determinants to asses where you are at!

Week seven we will show you the support network that will always be here to improve your health and fitness journey. Your PT, your food coach, your fellow members, our staff members and your group training support. We are on your team! Get to know us!

Week eight is focused on helping visualise the new you! Visualise your future, we will undertake a vision board activity for you and your future self!

The ninth week we will dig a little deeper… we will help you determine the big why and how we can tackle obstacles in the future. Opening up is the key to overcoming any difficulties.

The tenth week, wow two weeks to go! It’s time for you! We help you realise that what you focus on is exactly what you get. We want you all focsuing on how truely wonderful you really are!

Week eleven, we will find the deeper meaning to your health and fitness journey. We want to help you find what you stand for and what you give back!

Week 12! Woohoo you made it! This week we want you to focus on creating your lasting change. And heck, CONGRATULATIONS! We want to give you as many tips as we can for staying strong.

And there we have it, 12 weeks for achieving the best you could possibly be. What are you waiting for?

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By Zoe Kirby



You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought about it, maybe you’ve even done it! We thought we would look into exactly how successful it is…detoxing!

There’s a few different ways to detox, no food, clean foods, detoxing teas and other drinks, shakes… we think there is a healthy and a non healthy way to cleanse  your system!

No food- well that is NEVER a good idea! Whilst you may think it’s working and it will shrink your stomach size, your body will be so confused with how it is meant to get nutrients, it will capture any little bit of food and drink eaten before or after your detox and immediately store it as fat in desperation for something to store! Not to mention you will feel extremely lethargic and unwell.  When you eventually come off your no food detox- chances are you will put any weight you lost back on again! All in all, never a good idea!

Substituting shakes for meals… there is mixed responses to this, but we say to try and avoid this too. The nutrients and sustenance we get from food is vital for our health and wellbeing, whilst these nutrients can be within the shakes, the best source is straight from the natural food source.

Now eating clean foods, that is what we recommend! By cutting fast foods, foods high in fat, sugar and salt and your portion size you will look and feel 100% better. Having a clean diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein, fibre and other nutrient rich foods will help you become the best version of yourself! You can easily lose those few extra kgs you want to shed, achieve that toned body you’ve always wanted and help you to not feel bloated. Not to mention, there’s so much you can do with it and experiment with! A glass of water with lemon or a herbal tea is a great idea when you wake up of a morning, for a cleansing start to the day!

Try out some healthy meals and show us your creations!

Our food coaching program is a fantastic way to ensure you are on the right track with your eating habits and to keep track of your progress! Enquire in club today or give us a call on 07 5433 1187

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By Zoe Kirby