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It’s our 25th birthday! Woohoo! Let’s celebrate!

We’ve got some fantastic offers going for members and non-members that will make you want to celebrate along with us! Besides, it’s you guys we need to thank for letting us enjoy 25 blissful years of Fernwood gyms within the nation!

For all our beautiful current members we are offering you some fantastic incentives to get your friends on board! Not only will you gain a gym buddy but if you refer a friend to us you will receive a $25 thank you birthday card to use on our wonderful services! Cell IQ, PT, whatever you require! ALSO refer a friend who joins and go in the draw to receive an entry in the draw to win a share of a $25 000 prize pool! Easy peasy or what!

To help you guys out with getting your friends on board let them know our fantastic offers to get them just as excited as you!

They can join the gym for a little $25! and get 25 days of free membership included! They will also go in the draw to win a share in the huge $25 000 prize pool!

We also have some astounding offers on all our services such as $25 for one treatment of Cell IQ and 25% off an 8 pack of Cell IQ. 25% off a 12 pack of Personal Training AND Functional Fit for a mere $25 p/w for UNLIMITED amount of sessions!

So jump on board don’t miss out on these fab offers, invite your girls and join us for our OPEN DAY on the 25th June! Yes its 80s themed to celebrate our birthday! We will have demonstrations, prizes, including for best dressed and all sorts of amaaazing (or should I say radical) activities going all day! Don’t miss out on our exclusive birthday event!

Cya there foxes! Don’t forget your leg warmers…


By Zoe KIrby



You may be all wondering what we are all bleating about when we are talking about our wonderful new Functional Fit station… or maybe you’re wondering what the huge new station is in the middle of the gym? Well we’re hear to tell you a little about it so you can get in on the excitement!

Functional Fit is a new way to train and a very effective way at achieving the results you are looking for and fast! We conduct Functional Fit in groups of four, the perfect amount to maximise your time with your Functional Fit trainer whilst enjoying the encouragement that comes with having team members!

Functional Fit training incorporates the principles of high intensity training with functional movement patterns. Not only does the training improve your fitness, but it also improves your cardio, strength, joint mobility and stability.

Functional Fit is just like cross fit training, but within your own gym here at Fernwood! Your trainer will change the workout weekly to maximise results and ensure a constant challenge. It’s a fun, dynamic, motivating and safe way to maximise your training at the gym and see the results you want to achieve.

In honour of our exciting new Functional Fit station, we have a Launch day to show you what it’s all about, jam packed with live demos and promotional packs that are only available on the day! Here’s the details:

Launch day: Thursday 23rd January

Functional Fit live demos: 9am & 5pm

Cell IQ live demos: 9.45am & 6pm

And ensure you see reception to book in for a Functional Fit session on the day, you can use your Christmas gift card!

We are currently selling our foundation memberships for Functional Fit, but only until the 31st January! Now is the time to add Functional Fit to your membership to receive the absolute best price we will ever be offering!

Join the event of Facebook today:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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By Zoe Kirby