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We thought us angels at the office here better do a blog post on our amazing new revolutionary breakthrough program! Just so you are 100% informed and understand what the go is!

Our society is changing, if you haven’t noticed more and more of us are glued to our phones checking our Facebooks and our Instagrams as often as we have something to eat! (If you’re anything like us-it’s more than that!) We have so many things at our fingertips, it has changed the way we consume and idealise things and us here at Fernwood are jumping on that bandwagon!

We’ve been on Facebook for a while now, and this blog, but this will change the way you exercise and maintain your diet. We have an incredible new focus on your fitness journey- offering stronger than ever support. With a focus on nutrition and exercise as always and a whole new focus on mindset! Such as searching for a sexier silhouette! We are here to help you achieve that!

The breakthrough program will aid you in learning how our meal plans work, how to make exercise work for you and understand how your mindset and journaling can help you be successful on your journey!

What exactly does it include?

-Meal plans that are specific to your body type including a list of your daily intake, preparation times, recipes and a calorie counter

-Weekly shopping lists

-Weekly workout plans

-Feature workouts, themed for a bit of fun in the gym!

-Exercise & recipe database

-Social timeline- an online community for support

-Articles & extra resources

-Weekly nutrition videos

-Weekly mindset videos

-Mindset journal

-Weekly exercise videos

The first month is exactly how and when you form ideal healthy habits, which is why our breakthrough program is perfect alongside your membership!

Not only this, but you will receive an appointment with our fitness coach to discuss your goals with and be shown the cardio and strength equipment so you are at peak comfortability at the gym!











The weather’s cooling off and it’s becoming much easier to stay in bed for a little longer than necessary, most of us can put it down to the desire to stay snuggled in bed when the weathers a bit dreary, but there may be some underlying reasons why you’re feeling so tired lately! 

Now this may seem strange as being overly stressed is never a good thing! But believe it or not being under stressed also isn’t the best for your fatigue status! You may be too relaxed which is leaving you feeling more tired than necessary. Try stimulate your mind by partaking in an activity that’s out of your regular comfort zone to get you active again!

We all know how important water is, make sure you’re getting enough of it! Lack of water can lead to you feeling sluggish.

Get enough sleep! Seems simple but yet so complex! Your phone/ ipad/ laptop usage before bed can disrupt your sleeping pattern and keeps your mind active much longer than if you were gadget free before bed! Your alarm clock may also be affecting just how sleepy you are throughout the day, the key? Set your alarm clock to the same time EVERY morning.  That sleep in you think you may need- you probably don’t!

And believe it or not, you may be exercising too much! Never thought we would say that did you! You are fine to exercise everyday, but keep your sleeping patterns the same and steer clear of alcohol following your workout to give your body the chance to relax.

You may also be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, iron in particular can be necessary for combating fatigue.

So get your routine on foxes and hopefully you will be bounding with beans!


By Zoe Kirby


School holidays are upon us already! Now we know it can be hard to maintain a healthy eating and exercise routine when you’ve got the little ones but we are here to give you some exercise and eating tips for when you are busy running around with the little ones.

One of the hardest times is when the kiddies are inside with their friends watching television. You might be tempted to just have a sit down and chill with them, whilst this is ok for a little while, it’s not ok for the whole day! Use this time to do some productive things around the house, like all the vacuuming and maybe give the house that Spring clean it’s due for! It’s a good way to burn a few calories and get the chores done!

Maybe the little ones are playing outside on the trampoline or running around, instead of watching them from the kitchen window- go and join in! The kids will love spending some active time with you and hey look, there’s some more calories burned!

Take them out somewhere to enjoy the sunshine before the Winter months come into sight, play some beach volleyball, take a trip to the park, or go on a bike ride picnic! Ask them what they would like to do with you to get active, they will love that they get to take part in some fun active time with their mum!

Eating wise, it will be easy to snack on what you’re making the kiddies and being school holidays- chances are they won’t be as healthy as what they usually would be! But if you can, make them healthy as possible, the little ones will have much more energy and be in better moods! Healthy sandwiches on rye, or fun wraps and tacos! Or if you really must eat differently to the kiddies- take advantage of all this time on your hands in the house and get cooking! Use the time to create lots of delicious yet healthy meals and snacks.

But what we would really love is for you guys to still be visiting us in the gym! We love having all our members in-we get lonely otherwise! So pop your kiddies in the crèche- chances are they will love an hour or so meeting some new friends and enjoying all of our crèche facilities. And you still get your workout in!

Our crèche times are:

8-45-10.45am Mon-Fri

10.15- 11.45am Mon- Fri

8.30-9.30am Sat

9.30-10.30am Sat

Give us a call on 5433 1187 and book your little ones in today!

Enjoy some time with your kiddies and make the most of it!


By Zoe Kirby




Good day to all you lovely ladies (and maybe gents) who are reading this!

It is finally December! The Christmas season is upon us and we are all picturing swimming in pools, shopping in air conditioning for gifts for those special people and of course, thinking of ways to keep the little ones occupied over the school holidays.

Keeping them occupied over the long Christmas break can be a challenge for everyone. Between juggling work and spending extra time with the kids, it can seem near impossible to make it to the gym as much as you can during the school season. Never fear! We are here to help!

Instead of trying to keep them occupied with games and toys when you are fitting in your home exercises, include them! There are a lot of different ways you can exercise with your kids that will leave you feeling accomplished (and them tired)!

Exercising with babies

If your child is still an infant there are still exercises you can do with them! Such as;

– Squats. It’s late, they are crying and restless and love being bounced up and down to calm them down. Instead of just a mini bounce. Make it a large squat and really get those muscles moving!

– Sit ups. Whether they are next to you or sitting at your feet. Everytime you come up, pull a silly face at them! It’s practically peek a boo


Exercising with toddlers

The troublesome two’s and three’s. Maybe these will keep them occupied!

– Sit ups. You can still do the sit ups with these little ones! Instead of making silly faces. Get them to hold your feet down and practice their counting skills as you sit up

– Yoga and pilates. Kids love imitating their parents. Do some simple Yoga moves with them to calm them down before bed time


School aged kids

Sometimes these can be the hardest to please because their mind is so active all school day!

Skipping. It sounds like childs play but skipping can be a great workout for both of you that is both fun and rewarding. Try mixing up the ropes with some criss-cross and double-cross action!

Swimming. Swimming is a great way to keep them entertained. While they play in the pool you can squeeze in some fast paced laps to get that heart rate up!

It sounds simple but doing these will help keep you both occupied during the school holidays (plus you can still sneak out at night for some mummy alone time if you have 24hr access!)

Heather @Fernwood Morayfield



Hi ladies!

Last week our post was about beach fitness and this week we have decided to write about how to get yourselves beach ready for these hot and sunny days! We want you all to feel great about hitting the beach in your bikinis!

Firstly, we’ve decided to tell you about some exercises that are targeted at toning that fantastic body of yours!

Starting with the abs. Leg raises! Leg raises are fantastic for building that core strength and really tightening up your abdominal area. Lie flat on your back and raise your legs towards the ceiling, trying to keep the best stability that you can, hold onto something if you need.

What about those arms? Tricep dips are fantastic for toning up those wonderful arms of yours. Place your arms behind you on a gym bench/ ledge and slowly lower your body to the ground and bring yourself up again. 10 reps are great, or go more if you can.

And the most important of them all.. to keep your bottom toned and looking tip top, get squatting! Keep good form, with your feet flat on the ground and your back straight.

Now the exercises to add onto your usual workout are done, what about eating?

Clean eating is key to weight loss or even just for keeping your body toned and in tip top shape. So put away the Winter chocolate munchies and tackle those cravings!

Fantastic summer snacks include:

Smoothies! Think of all the fruits we have during the summer months… mangoes, peaches, pears, apples, nectarines, passionfruit, pineapple… oh the wonderful combinations you could make! Smoothies are great for getting your vitamin and nutrient content up without even knowing it. Put in your desired fruits in the blender and add in things like chia seeds, protein powder (to get your protein hit at the same time), linseeds, almonds…or any other health food you desire! Or try a green smoothie for a real nutrient blaster!

Salads! They don’t have to be boring! Make a crisp and refreshing salad with different greens, avocado, prawns and mango! Yum!

Summer is a fantastic time for clean eating, with a huge array of fresh fruits and vegetables available at the shops or markets and we usually have less desire to eat large, starchy meals when the weather is warm! Experiment with some recipes and @FernwoodMorayfield on instagram to show us what you’ve made!

Most importantly, stay confident! Confidence is the key to beauty and we know that all you Fernwood foxes have a reason to flaunt it!

Keep us updated on your Summer and beach activities by @FernwoodMorayfield, and #BeachBodBoost @FernwoodFitness on Instagram for your chance at winning a $500 Everlast shopping spree!

Have a great week foxes!


By Zoe Kirby