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There’s a new craze on the nutritional bandwagon, quinoa! What’s it all about? Well we are here to tell you all about it’s nutritional value and how it can fit into your daily diet. Quinoa, pronounced in several ways-however you want to pronounce it, is a super nutritious grain that is stacked with benefits for your body’s health and is also gluten free for those of you that have intolerances! It is super high in fibre which can aid in lowering cholesterol and also has low GI.  It contains eight amino acids which aids vegetarians in any nutrients that they may be missing out on.

Rich in several nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E! One food with all this goodness, why wouldn’t you have it stocked in your pantry?!

Quinoa comes in a few different forms, white, red and black.  It has a fluffy consistency and is perfect as an accompaniment to meals!  Toss it in your salads, throw it in your stews, even make tasty rissoles or frittatas out of it! It even comes in the form of flour or flakes to mix into your nutritious recipes or make cereal out of it.

So how can I use it my daily life?

Here’s some fantastic recipes that you can incorporate into your daily meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Apricot, Cranberry & Quinoa Porridge

Dukkah Chicken & Quinoa Salad

Capsicum stuffed with rice, quinoa and lentil salad

Try these out in your weekly meal plans and see the different in your wellbeing! Each quinoa stuffed meal is packed with nutrients and vitamins ready for you to take on your day.

Enjoy foxes! Let us know how your quinoa meals have turned out by posting your delish creations on our Facebook!


By Zoe Kirby



You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought about it, maybe you’ve even done it! We thought we would look into exactly how successful it is…detoxing!

There’s a few different ways to detox, no food, clean foods, detoxing teas and other drinks, shakes… we think there is a healthy and a non healthy way to cleanse  your system!

No food- well that is NEVER a good idea! Whilst you may think it’s working and it will shrink your stomach size, your body will be so confused with how it is meant to get nutrients, it will capture any little bit of food and drink eaten before or after your detox and immediately store it as fat in desperation for something to store! Not to mention you will feel extremely lethargic and unwell.  When you eventually come off your no food detox- chances are you will put any weight you lost back on again! All in all, never a good idea!

Substituting shakes for meals… there is mixed responses to this, but we say to try and avoid this too. The nutrients and sustenance we get from food is vital for our health and wellbeing, whilst these nutrients can be within the shakes, the best source is straight from the natural food source.

Now eating clean foods, that is what we recommend! By cutting fast foods, foods high in fat, sugar and salt and your portion size you will look and feel 100% better. Having a clean diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein, fibre and other nutrient rich foods will help you become the best version of yourself! You can easily lose those few extra kgs you want to shed, achieve that toned body you’ve always wanted and help you to not feel bloated. Not to mention, there’s so much you can do with it and experiment with! A glass of water with lemon or a herbal tea is a great idea when you wake up of a morning, for a cleansing start to the day!

Try out some healthy meals and show us your creations!

Our food coaching program is a fantastic way to ensure you are on the right track with your eating habits and to keep track of your progress! Enquire in club today or give us a call on 07 5433 1187

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By Zoe Kirby



You’ve seen the signs, you’ve heard us yapping about it.. but what really is it?!

Our Beach Bod Boost is an 8 Week Challenge starting on October 8th, finishing on December 2. The primary goal of this challenge is to get fit, feel great, stay motivated and get into shape this Summer!

You can choose a Beach Bod programme suited to your participation needs and wants, meaning that all activities are self paced and self driven by each of you! And we’re here to push you further than you’d usually go!

Maybe you have your diet is fairly under control and you’re just struggling with exercise motivation? Try our Beach Boost package, perfect for those of you needing some support in the gym and a little push to really make a difference. This package includes personal training for the 8 weeks and your Beach Bod information updates.

Or maybe you’re in the gym everyday but your diet could be better? We can help you with our Beach Bod package. Providing you weekly food coaching sessions tailored to your Beach Bod challenge and all Beach Bod information updates.

Really want that Summer ready body you’ve always wanted? Tackle it head on with our Food Coaching and Personal Training Beach Bod package. With exercise programs and food plans that are perfect for achieving those results you’ve always wanted.

If you already have Food Coaching and Personal Training as part of your membership.. PERFECT! With no extra cost, you’re all set to go with updated tailored programs suited to the Beach Bod Challenge!

We also have the option of adding boot camp to your Beach Bod Makeover challenge!  Where once a week, one of our PTs will put you through an intensive workout. We’ve seen amazing results just from boot camp alone!

Not only this, but we also have the Beach BONUS (cell-IQ)… why not go the whole way?! Complete your Summer beach bod makeover with eight sessions of Cell-IQ at a special price for Beach Bod participants!

So there you have it, lots of options to suit your own individual exercise and nutritional needs ready for the Summer season! AND everyone who participates will go in the draw to win a $1500 shopping spree with Everlast!

Also make sure you enter our Beach Bod Boost Social Media Photo Competition in the weeks leading up to our Beach Bod Challenge… just to get you pumped! Our theme is Beach Fitness… be experimental and show us what you’re made of! On instagram #beachbodboost @FernwoodFitness @FernwoodMorayfield and you will go into the draw to win a $500 Everlast shopping spree!

Enquire in club today for more information or give us a call on 07 5433 1187!

Let’s get those Summer bods in action!

By Zoe Kirby

Having a stressful time at work lately? Or feeling like you never get a break from your little ones?
Why not try out a yoga class!
It’s been proven that yoga can significantly reduce your stress levels and also increase your fitness and blood circulation.
How does it do this? Well, concentrating on your posture as well as being aware of your breathing is a significant form of meditation.
It takes your mind off your usual busy lifestyle and allows you to be in touch with yourself for a while.
Yoga can improve your nervous system, it can improve your posture which can aid sufferer’s of back pain, your musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and also your digestive system.
Improving all of these things can really benefit you in more ways than one. By improving these body functions, you can help yourself if you’re struggling to sleep at night, or if your energy levels are lacking or even if you are just wanting to improve your overall wellbeing.
If you’re already quite a fit Fernwood fox, you need to know that it is just as important to be mentally and emotionally fit, just as it is physically!
By practicing yoga you can improve your mental wellbeing drastically. Your overall mood will improve and any anxiety or depression you might suffer will decrease.
Yoga is fantastic for in between your other exercise classes or usual workouts. It is great for stretching out those tired, aching muscles and winding down after a busy week.

Try it out this week!

We have Gentle Yoga at:
8am Friday
Yoga at:
10.30am Saturday
10.30am Sunday
5.30pm Monday
10.30am Tuesday

Cya there Fernwood foxes!

By Zoe Kirby


In spirit of our Winter Food Challenge, which you should all be signing up for… We thought we would offer you some tips and tricks for eating healthily and what eating organic is all about.

Eating organic is something we’d all love to do, but let’s face it.. it’s not cheap!

Is it worth it? It depends on your financials, but we think there is wallet light options that you can take instead of your usual supermarket packet salads.

Whilst any salad is a good salad, one that is home grown with no added chemicals should be the choice everyone should be making, plus they taste better!

Eat organic without the price tag by visiting your local farmers market or fruit and vegetable barn and snap up their low priced grocery goods! They will have all the fruit and vegetables in season at a cheap price, direct from your local farmer! Definitely the best organic eating option as it’s cheaper than the supermarkets!

If visiting your local farmers market is a struggle, how about growing delicious fruits and veges from your own backyard! Plant some in season seeds, water them, nuture them, give them some love and wa la! Home grown vegetables and fruit! That will taste 10 times better than the supermarkets and you get to watch them grow and be proud of what you have created!

But you’re still thinking why are other organic products so expensive, such as meats, dairy etc?

This is because of the process of providing you with the organic products, it is costly and lengthy and the required regulations that need to be put into place.

“But what you’re getting with a genuine, organically produced food is a more nutritionally balanced and tastier product, without the chemicals and antibiotics,” reminds Sally Joseph, clinical nutritionist.

What do we say? Definitely worth the price tag, but take our advice and save where you can!

Grab some local veges today and try them out in a warm, hearty vegetable soup to warm you up! Throw in whatever you can grab, add some beans and legumes and it’ll be packed with goodness. It’ll keep you warm and leave you feeling great!

Go organic!—Exercise/Recipes—Nutrition/All-Nutrition-Articles/Is-organic-food-worth-its-high-price-tag-/


By Zoe Kirby


Soon as Fernwood is a women’s gym, we feel it is necessary to honour and stand up for our women as often as we can!

With the frightening statistics creeping through our Australian homes, Fernwood is taking a stand against violence against women.

On July 26th, it is White Ribbon Night. On this evening we will be having a night in and donating the money we would usually spend on a night out to the White Ribbon charity.

It is frightening to think that in Australia, one woman every single week is killed by a current or former partner. That’s fifty-two women within a year.

Action needs to be taken and by taking apart in White Ribbon Night will help drive a social change for preventing violence against women and supporting this important work that drives a positive change.

So get together Fernwood foxes and have a night in! You’ll feel fantastic for coming together with the women of Australia and helping out a worthy cause.

Make it fun and memorable and instead of your usual night out, come down to the gym and do a Pump class! Followed by a movie night with your girls,complete with some yummy and healthy snacks!

Try these snacks out and be a hit with your girlfriends!

Make fruit salad fun by filling some thin waffle cones with a mixture of fruits cut in different shapes for a fun and yummy snack!

Or some yummy chocolate peanut butter bites, by making some balls of peanut butter with oats and nuts and coating them in a small amount of organic dark chocolate and refrigerating.

Register your event here and let us know what you did on your night in!


By Zoe Kirby


So school holidays are over and you’re struggling to get back into the swing of things?

Here’s some tips to get you back on the bandwagon and back into routine!

If you’ve not been run ragged by the little ones, then you’re probably feeling quite relaxed after a great time away with your loved ones.  We all know that going back to work and getting back to reality is not the best feeling in the world, but we can make it a little easier.

Getting up in the morning is the worst struggle of all after two weeks of sleep ins right?

Reposition your bed to face the window, or keep your curtain slightly open.  Absorbing sunlight as soon as you wake up will help you feel less sluggish and you are less likely to stay in bed after your alarm goes off.  This will help reset your body clock to recover from the holidays!

Still feeling sluggish after managing to drag yourself out of bed?

Reschedule your afternoon workout for a morning session! Working out in the mornings has many benefits, it kickstarts your metabolism and leaves you feeling great and energised for the day. Those sluggish mornings won’t be so sluggish anymore!

And to get your mind back in gear?

Work towards something! Plan your next holiday! Or even just work towards doing something rewarding on the weekends.  This will keep your mind in check and help get you through the working week.

Clear your mind of work on the weekends and do something active during your few days off! Whether it’s a bush walk through the local rainforest, a trip to the beach, or something a little more extravagant like kayaking or even jet-skiing! Giving yourself something like this to look forward to will motivate you throughout the week and give your mind something to work towards!

And the little ones?

After a few days back with their friends at school, they’ll be back in the zone! Give them a few fun healthy snacks in their lunch boxes to lift their spirits and give them the energy they need to get through a day in class. Cut their sandwiches into fun shapes or freeze some grapes for a crunchy, healthy snack!

Last but not least, make sure you still schedule some time in for yourself. Put your feet up after the kiddies are in bed and enjoy a cup of tea with a book. It may not be holidays all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself!


By Zoe Kirby