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It’s the second game of Origin this week! Go Queenslander!!  Origin brings a perfect time to catch up with friends whilst watching number two of three ultimate games of the year! And well we all know what footy and friends leads to.. binging! Whether it’s beer, chips, pizza.. none of it is ideal for your usually healthy Wednesday! Instead of feeling lousy the next day (hopefully not because we lost), wake up feeling fresh after Origin with these few tips that will enable you to enjoy some deliciousness without the calories! You’re friends will love you for it too!

Instead of reaching for the burger rings or extra salty packet of chips… have some original corn chips! And make your own delicious salsa.  All you need to do is whip up some tomatoes, a red onion, jalepeno peppers, a clove of garlic, red wine vinegar, spritz of lime juice and salt and pepper to taste all smashed in your blender! Wa-la! Delicious fresh ingredients turned into a yummy dip for your mates to tuck into.

Start off your night a little earlier and instead of ordering your pizzas (let’s face it it’s a pain trying to get through to them anyway, let alone wait your turn for your pizza), make your own! All you need is some tortilla wraps that can be used as a pizza base, fresh tomato sauce and whatever yummy toppings you like! Everyone can add whatever toppings they like so nobody has to sacrifice eating a pizza that they hate and it’s a bit of fun to get everyone in the origin festivities!

Drinks wise, a beer or two won’t harm you on a special occasion. Although, limit how many you have and opt for a lo-carb beer. Alternatively, make some delicious fresh fruit punch with soda water and vodka for a tasty low calorie drinks choice for guests.

And don’t forget to still drink plenty of water, you’ll need it after all the screaming at the television!

Most of all, enjoy the game! Have fun, you’ll feel great the next day if you released lots of happy endorphins!



By Zoe Kirby



We can all start to feel the mid year slum around this time of year, maybe we’ve lost focus or our goals need to be restablished, we are here to keep you motivated and to keep your eye on the game!

Here are a few things to get you back into being the motivated little fox you were on New Years Day! 😉

A vision board! Might sound a bit silly, but they can seriously help keep your head in gear and motivated.  A vision board takes the elements of a scrapbook but instead of looking into the past it creates a vision of your future.  A board of pictures, quotes and aspirations that you look to for inspiration will be very beneficial for keeping your head where it needs to be! Inspirational figures such as Oprah and Ellen use inspiration boards to stay motivated.

Get yourself a Personal Trainer, we have some fantastic deals going on at the moment in amidst of our 25th Birthday. Even 25% off a 12 pack of PT so you can try it out and see how you like it. We have some fantastic and friendly personal trainers on board to help you get through the mid year slum.  Meeting with a personal trainer weekly can keep you focused and help keep your mind on the end goal.

Reward yourself! You might not be at your end goal that you were striving towards yet but you have achieved results… reward yourself for it! Whether it’s a day to yourself at the spa or a sneaky snack at Max Brenner for a cheat meal. Something to keep you looking forward to achieving more.

Focus on the benefits, look how far you have come and look what you have achieved. Focus on these positives to keep you going and feeling fantastic about your wonderful selves!

Try these steps and book in for a program update to refresh your workouts and leave you feeling as UN-bored as possible! Call us today on 5433 1187.


By Zoe Kirby


We thought that with the start of Winter being yesterday that we would address the dreaded flu outbreak! I’m sure we all know of somebody that has been taken hostage in their own home within the past few weeks because they are couped up in bed suffering the dreaded winter sickness.

Well, hopefully we can help this year! By giving you some tips and tricks to avoid being taken culprit. Whilst it’s only day two of Winter, an already astounding 3488 people have been diagnosed with the flu already! Eeeek

So here’s how to steer clear… The flu shot! We almost have it handed to us, with flu shots being offered at your GP, medical trucks and even chemists! Take advantage of it and get vaccinated today. Worried you’ll get sick from having the vaccination? MYTH! The flu shot gets changed every year which means the affects are improved every year!

Good hygiene is necessary for preventing the flu aswell. Ensuring your hands are being washed after you sneeze, cough or are within a public place. Being aware of your surroundings could save you a week or two in bed!

Keep your vitamin intake up! Lots of fruit and veges stacked into your diet is a must! If your vitamin levels are up, your resistance will also be up, so your whole body will be fighting against the nasties!

Increase your fluids, any nasties that find themselves hibernating in your body are more likely to be flushed out than to stick around.

And of course being your gym and all, keep your fitness up! Come see us in the club, the healthier you are the less likely you are to fall unwell 🙂

Good luck foxes, we hope you all manage to steer clear of the germs this Winter.


By Zoe Kirby


We probably all don’t get enough sleep and I bet you we all wish we got a few more hours shut eye in the mornings… well we’re here to tell you that you may just need that!

Sleep has soo many benefits, even we didn’t know just how much until we decided to do our blog this week! A solid eight hours sleep instead of the sorry six or even for most Australians, five hours that we are currently getting, can be vital for our own health and how we take on our day.

By getting a minimum of eight hours sleep can set you up for a much brighter and more fulfilled day. Not only this but getting enough shut up eye can give you long term health benefits as well. How?

Getting enough sleep can improve your mood ten fold! You will be feeling much more creative and ready to take on any problem that is thrown at you. Not only this but the decisions that you do make will be much more informed, so believe it or not sleeping on that problem may be extremely beneficial for your decision making process.

Your brain will feel much more active when you have had a reasonable amount of sleep.  Your concentration levels will dramatically improve just by having enough sleep. Also proven by memory tests, your memory will also be much more efficient if you get enough sleep so ensure you get enough shut eye before that big exam coming up or meeting with the company managers!

You’ll actually live longer! Sleep relaxes your body and lets it recover from any short term illnesses and in turn prevent any long term illnesses.  You will improve your overall health and decrease your chances of getting ill.

You know what tops the cake? You’ll actually look more attractive and your figure is much more likely to stay in shape! This has actually been tested and people who had more sleep than others were easily identified as being more health attractive and not tired looking.

Not only this but you will feel much more revived in the morning, ready to come into the gym for your workout! 

I don’t think there could be any more reasons for a sleep in this weekend! Try and go to bed slightly earlier and wind down with a book, avoiding technology right before you nod off as these can affect your sleeping patterns and whether you get a good night’s kip or not!

Have a good nights sleep foxes!!


By Zoe Kirby


We’ve all heard about this gluten free craze and many of us just don’t know what the go is! Is it good? Is it bad? We’ve looked into it and hopefully we have some answers for you!

Firstly, what is it? It is a protein composite that comes from wheat and also a few grains. It gives bread and other foods the elasticity that is has.  Numerous people are being diagnosed with coeliac and becoming intolerant to this gluten composite. With the foods stacking up on our supermarket shelves and all our cafe’s shouting the gluten-free options, it’s no wonder that we are all considering making the switch to gluten-free.

What do the experts say? Well, the numbers of gluten intolerant people have definitely steadily increased over time, this is because of the increased levels of gluten in bread and other products. Whilst cutting out gluten if you are a coeliac is absolutely vital for maintaining your health and avoiding becoming extremely ill, if you are not intolerant to gluten this has become an unnecessary thing.  Gluten itself is not a ‘bad food’ but excessive amounts can lead to health difficulties, including intolerances. Many people have particular health difficulties, but gluten can not be to blame for all of them! Cutting out gluten is just too simple to be a solution to everything, so try not to be a naïve consumer!

If you are coeliac however and in need of some invention in your kitchen, here is some tops gluten free recipes to play around with!

Barbequed Mushrooms with Feta

Pesto Zucchini & Potato

Berry Cakes

If you are struggling with intolerances or simply are confused with your diet plan, have a chat with us and we can talk to you about our Food Coaching program! Fantastic for personalising eating plans and shopping lists directly for YOU.

Give us a call on 07 5433 1187 for more information.


By Zoe Kirby


There’s a new craze on the nutritional bandwagon, quinoa! What’s it all about? Well we are here to tell you all about it’s nutritional value and how it can fit into your daily diet. Quinoa, pronounced in several ways-however you want to pronounce it, is a super nutritious grain that is stacked with benefits for your body’s health and is also gluten free for those of you that have intolerances! It is super high in fibre which can aid in lowering cholesterol and also has low GI.  It contains eight amino acids which aids vegetarians in any nutrients that they may be missing out on.

Rich in several nutrients such as iron, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and vitamin E! One food with all this goodness, why wouldn’t you have it stocked in your pantry?!

Quinoa comes in a few different forms, white, red and black.  It has a fluffy consistency and is perfect as an accompaniment to meals!  Toss it in your salads, throw it in your stews, even make tasty rissoles or frittatas out of it! It even comes in the form of flour or flakes to mix into your nutritious recipes or make cereal out of it.

So how can I use it my daily life?

Here’s some fantastic recipes that you can incorporate into your daily meals, breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Apricot, Cranberry & Quinoa Porridge

Dukkah Chicken & Quinoa Salad

Capsicum stuffed with rice, quinoa and lentil salad

Try these out in your weekly meal plans and see the different in your wellbeing! Each quinoa stuffed meal is packed with nutrients and vitamins ready for you to take on your day.

Enjoy foxes! Let us know how your quinoa meals have turned out by posting your delish creations on our Facebook!


By Zoe Kirby


That time of year has come around again to treat your mothers! Or maybe you’re the one to be treated! Either or, it’s time to have a mother orientated day! Make the most of your Mothers Day, get active, relax and enjoy some time together. Here’s some things that we think you can do together:

Don’t want to miss out on your daily gym sesh? We understand! Bring your mum or daughter in to the club for an awesome session, try out a class that you’ve never done before and work through it together! Or pop the little ones into crèche for an hour-they’ll love visiting the gym where their mummy goes all the time! Or if you’re doing a workout together.. do your own workout and show her what you’re capable of, I’m sure she will love being able to get active and spend some quality time with you! Some fantastic active things to do together would be some yoga, some clapping push ups, alternating sets between your desired machines or even get outside and play some tennis!

Follow your workout with a scrumptious healthy breakfast. We recommend the Paleo Café in North Lakes, or somewhere where the healthy choices are the better choices! Experiment and try something fun. Or if you really have your creative heads on make some breakfast together! Hit up the recipe books (maybe that one passed on from your great grandmother) and get creative together in the kitchen. Here is some scrumptious recipes you foxy ladies could try out for lunch or an afternoon feast!

Sun-dried tomato, goats cheese and fresh basil frittata

Whilst cooking away in the kitchen you could be sipping on these yummy drinks:

Pressed watermelon with basil water

Spend the day without your phones and without the stresses. Go for a walk together, maybe have a look around the sunday markets or visit your favourite coffee shop.

Mothers Day is all about appreciation, so make your mum feel loved this year- time with her is sure to do that! We’d love to help you enjoy a wonderful together, so visit us to receive a free class voucher for your mum or your daughter today!

Enjoy yourselves foxes and relax a little too 🙂

By Zoe Kirby