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This week’s blog was a tough one for me as it will be the last one that I will be writing for you guys, as I am moving overseas next week! So I wanted to write about something that has really meant something to me over my time here at Fernwood, and what exactly I love about the place! I chose to write about support. In terms of motivation, inspiration and encouragement that we strive to give you here at Fernwood Morayfield. And well, just how important it really is!

Often women can feel like fitness and clean eating can be a competition, especially in today’s society with the use of instagram, facebook and all the different forms of social media. It is a regular occurence that a beautiful, healthy woman can feel inadequate due to others ‘brag factor’ within social media. This feeling is what we strive to avoid! Every woman needs to remember that everyone is different, a diet that works for one person won’t work for another, one persons perfect body is not perfect for another. We want our Fernwood angels to feel as though they are living and feeling THEIR best! Not someone elses best! Look at these women who talk about their success and be proud of what they’ve accompolished, not jealous!

It is surprising just how much some friendly encouragement and support can help somebody. It’s as simple as commenting on a lovely photo of someone on Facebook (who you may think is trying to brag) but just tell them how great they are looking! You’ll feel so much better about it, rather than stewing over your non existent inadequacy.  Or tell them how well they’re going in the gym lately. Or that their hair looks great! And if you’re one that likes to brag (come on we’ve all done it at some stage!) before you post something on social media or say something to somebody, think about how it may make others feel who may not be achieving the exact same results as you. It’s these little things and that little bit of extra thought that add up and make women simply feel happy within themselves. It’s a revolving encouraging circle!

We hope that we help our Fernwood angels become apart of this supportive motion, avoiding the competition and simply encouraging one another! This is why we have introduced things such as the 28 day breakthrough program, to help and support our new members (or existing members), get on the health and fitness bandwagon and truly enjoy it.  We have food coaching programs to discover what eating plans are exactly right for you and personal training to discover what exercises can be used to achieve your own goals.

You belong in a supportive community here at Fernwood.. I’m certainly proud to have been apart of it, you should to!

Go and pay someone a compliment today and see how great you feel 🙂


By Zoe Kirby- big thankyou to all those who have been reading xxx



Summer bodies are made in the Winter!  It has been particularly chilly lately, so now is perfect timing to tackle the problem head on and avoid weight gain and inactiveness throughout the Winter months! We all know how hard it is to get out of bed and pop the gym clothes on, I mean it’s the last thing you want to do when it’s below ten degrees! Here’s a few tips to avoid this happening and to get you back on the active bandwagon!

Well a lot of you are already doing it, attending an indoor gym is a much easier way to stay out of the cold and really it is no different than coming in Summer! The hardest part is that initial step out of bed, once that is over the rest is easy! No embracing the elements, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you!

Try as hard as you can to stick to your regular exercise routine, if you were undertaking regular morning walks but it’s a tad too cold to embrace the elements, do your morning walk through the local shopping centre! Or undertaking some indoor spots/ aquatics in a heated pool.

Or if leaving the house is still too much to take in, try out some of the at home exercise dvds for something new, do some in house circuits or even just have some fun with your children.

We know that motivation is the hardest when it is cold outside but these few things can make that a little easier for you. Even make the most of it and train with a friend or your partner, then when you’re tempted to slack off and stay in bed they are there to stop that from happening!

Another habit we all pick up in Winter is stodgy foods! Something to warm our bellies! And we know that salads can seem like the last thing you want when it’s cold. Try your talent in the kitchen and whip up some scrumptious vegetable soups, they will keep your fiber and nutrient levels up without having to force feed yourself some cold veges or load up on calories!

Try these tips out and let us know how you go! If you’re in need of a new fitness program, let us know here at Fernwood Morayfield and we can help you out!


By Zoe Kirby



We can all start to feel the mid year slum around this time of year, maybe we’ve lost focus or our goals need to be restablished, we are here to keep you motivated and to keep your eye on the game!

Here are a few things to get you back into being the motivated little fox you were on New Years Day! 😉

A vision board! Might sound a bit silly, but they can seriously help keep your head in gear and motivated.  A vision board takes the elements of a scrapbook but instead of looking into the past it creates a vision of your future.  A board of pictures, quotes and aspirations that you look to for inspiration will be very beneficial for keeping your head where it needs to be! Inspirational figures such as Oprah and Ellen use inspiration boards to stay motivated.

Get yourself a Personal Trainer, we have some fantastic deals going on at the moment in amidst of our 25th Birthday. Even 25% off a 12 pack of PT so you can try it out and see how you like it. We have some fantastic and friendly personal trainers on board to help you get through the mid year slum.  Meeting with a personal trainer weekly can keep you focused and help keep your mind on the end goal.

Reward yourself! You might not be at your end goal that you were striving towards yet but you have achieved results… reward yourself for it! Whether it’s a day to yourself at the spa or a sneaky snack at Max Brenner for a cheat meal. Something to keep you looking forward to achieving more.

Focus on the benefits, look how far you have come and look what you have achieved. Focus on these positives to keep you going and feeling fantastic about your wonderful selves!

Try these steps and book in for a program update to refresh your workouts and leave you feeling as UN-bored as possible! Call us today on 5433 1187.


By Zoe Kirby


We’ve noticed a trend in the gym of women doing loads of weights (which is awesome keep going foxes!) but some of you hate the idea of some high intensity cardio, such as running! We want to help you out and show you how awesome running can be! Not only for your health and fitness but also for enjoyment!

All you need is a new program, some commitment and most of all motivation! To build you up to running long distances we recommend you incorporate three different types of training, including high intensity long duration cardio, high intensity interval training and strength circuits! With this combination of exercise, you will build up your fitness ability to be able to sustain a 10km run.

Ask one of our personal trainers to book you in for a new program and explain to them what routine you would love to take part in.  We recommend undertaking a functional fit session too to build up that high intensity interval training and strength circuits!

Now you can’t just expect to wake up one morning and be able to run 10km straight up, but with the best training and motivation, we can get you there!

We recommend starting off with a few slow jogs and even take some walking breaks to build up your fitness capabilities and get your body used to the impacts of running.

Another way to sustain your running and make sure you stay motivated is to constantly set yourself goals. Even if it is while your running, to make it to the end of the road etc, you will find you will always be pushing yourself to do better.

Staying healthy is another way to increase your performance and also to keep yourself well enough for a consistent running schedule.

Finding a running partner is highly beneficial too! So get them involved in your running routine and you’ll be next to run in a marathon!

Happy running foxes!


By Zoe Kirby



It’s that time of year again… challenge time! Our 12 week challenge starts on March 10th, if you’re not on board yet I’d suggest you get on it! It’s going to be one of our best challenges yet!

What is it all about? It incoporates food coaching, personal training plus optional bootcamp and functional fit to help you achieve your best self in 12 weeks! Not to mention you have something to work towards as well as an amazing new you! We have club prizes for the winner and also national prizes- yes, you can aim to be the national winner!

We’ve seen fantastic results as you can porobably see! If you have some weight to shift or an event coming up or if you are simply looking for a challenge, then we have the best solution for you with complete support through an intensive 12 weeks of health and fitness.

This years challenge has taken a new approach as we have themed each week with a different aspect of your health and fitness journey for you to focus on.

The first week solely focuses on creating your health and fitness plan. Setting your goals, determining your plan of action, scheduling your appointmnets and getting used to using your journal to track not only your progress but your thoughts and feelings throughout the challenge. This week is extremely important, as preparation is the KEY to a healthy lifestyle! Getting into these habits will help you a great deal along the way.

The second week focuses on breaking the emotional eating cycle. Who doesn’t need to break this habit?!

The third week focuses on clearing the clutter from your mind, body and spirit.  This is so important for creating space within yourself for the NEW YOU! How exciting does this sound!

The fourth week is where we will focus on exploring your beliefs.  Changing your mindset around limiting beliefs. We all need something to believe it, something to drive us to being the best we can be!

Week five is your blueprint for success! We will teach you modelling techniques to achieve your desired goal. A very imporant part in your health and fitness journey is to keep your eye on the end goal.

The sixth week, half way! We will review your progress, reasses your goals,  take testimonial photos and determine what needs to change. A great week filled with determinants to asses where you are at!

Week seven we will show you the support network that will always be here to improve your health and fitness journey. Your PT, your food coach, your fellow members, our staff members and your group training support. We are on your team! Get to know us!

Week eight is focused on helping visualise the new you! Visualise your future, we will undertake a vision board activity for you and your future self!

The ninth week we will dig a little deeper… we will help you determine the big why and how we can tackle obstacles in the future. Opening up is the key to overcoming any difficulties.

The tenth week, wow two weeks to go! It’s time for you! We help you realise that what you focus on is exactly what you get. We want you all focsuing on how truely wonderful you really are!

Week eleven, we will find the deeper meaning to your health and fitness journey. We want to help you find what you stand for and what you give back!

Week 12! Woohoo you made it! This week we want you to focus on creating your lasting change. And heck, CONGRATULATIONS! We want to give you as many tips as we can for staying strong.

And there we have it, 12 weeks for achieving the best you could possibly be. What are you waiting for?

Call 07 5433 1187 or enquire in club today.

By Zoe Kirby


The weather has definitely warmed up lately, it’s feeling more like Summer than Spring! Part of our fantastic Beach Bod challenge is meeting with a nutritionist once a week to help you monitor your diet and ensure you are putting the right foods into your body!

Did you know that maintaining a healthy weight range involves 80% diet and 20% exercise? It’s more important than you may think!

So in the spirit of the weather heating up and all those beach trips you will be doing, we want you to be feeling your absolute best! Eating the right foods can lift your mood and make you feel better about yourself inside and out.

Now is the perfect time to sign yourself up for some food coaching. You could start with the Beach Bod challenge and see where you can go from there! Our nutritionists will complete eating plans suited entirely for you and weigh in and measure you so we can monitor your progress and provide a listening ear for all your struggles along the way. Remember, we are here to help you!

We thought to get you started and motivated this Spring, we would give you a few recipes to get you started on your journey towards a healthier you.

Bright green pea salad with lemon and mint 

This is such a refreshing, light and tasty recipe. Fantastic for BBQs, a light lunch or to accompany a delicious piece of fish at dinner.

Israeli couscous with prawns and zucchini

A delicious, cultural dish that mixes some amazing flavours together. Great for a yummy lunch or dinner or even use it as a side dish at a dinner party.

Smoked trout salad

Amazing! Such delicious flavours in this little dish. Amazing by itself in a stand alone meal or serve as canapés at your next dinner party or get together.

Got a sweet tooth? No problem!

Yoghurt and fruit tart

Beat the chocolate cravings with this delicious and light tart. Perfect for that Spring dessert. Take the tart to your friends for their next get together and you’ll be a hit for months! Or keep it to yourself and enjoy it over time after dinner, yum!

We’d love for you to try out our recipes and let us know how you liked them! We know you all love to take pictures of your food on Instagram (admit it), upload and @FernwoodMorayfield and show us how great they look!

If you’re getting started on Beach Bod this week, good luck! You’ll do great, signing up was the biggest step-you’re halfway there already! Let us know how you’re going! Don’t forget @FernwoodMorayfield @FernwoodFitness #BeachBodBoost in your beach fitness pics for your chance to win a $500 shopping spree with Everlast. A $1500 shopping spree with Everlast is also up for grabs! AND if you are the winner at Fernwood Morayfield you will win up to $3000 of product at the club! Woohoo!

If you’re still a bit unsure about Beach Bod, orr you just love a party, head down to Fernwood Morayfield today for our fantastic Beach Bod 2013 Beach Party! Starting in the group fitness room at 4.30pm and then within the gym floor, we will be holding some fun games, have delicious snacks and drinks for you to enjoy and lots of prizes up for grabs! Including something for everyone who turns up! Ensure you dress in your best beach attire (there’s a prize for best dressed) and have some fun! You’re welcome to bring a friend (even if they’re not a member) to enjoy the fun aswell.

See you all there!

By Zoe Kirby


So school holidays are over and you’re struggling to get back into the swing of things?

Here’s some tips to get you back on the bandwagon and back into routine!

If you’ve not been run ragged by the little ones, then you’re probably feeling quite relaxed after a great time away with your loved ones.  We all know that going back to work and getting back to reality is not the best feeling in the world, but we can make it a little easier.

Getting up in the morning is the worst struggle of all after two weeks of sleep ins right?

Reposition your bed to face the window, or keep your curtain slightly open.  Absorbing sunlight as soon as you wake up will help you feel less sluggish and you are less likely to stay in bed after your alarm goes off.  This will help reset your body clock to recover from the holidays!

Still feeling sluggish after managing to drag yourself out of bed?

Reschedule your afternoon workout for a morning session! Working out in the mornings has many benefits, it kickstarts your metabolism and leaves you feeling great and energised for the day. Those sluggish mornings won’t be so sluggish anymore!

And to get your mind back in gear?

Work towards something! Plan your next holiday! Or even just work towards doing something rewarding on the weekends.  This will keep your mind in check and help get you through the working week.

Clear your mind of work on the weekends and do something active during your few days off! Whether it’s a bush walk through the local rainforest, a trip to the beach, or something a little more extravagant like kayaking or even jet-skiing! Giving yourself something like this to look forward to will motivate you throughout the week and give your mind something to work towards!

And the little ones?

After a few days back with their friends at school, they’ll be back in the zone! Give them a few fun healthy snacks in their lunch boxes to lift their spirits and give them the energy they need to get through a day in class. Cut their sandwiches into fun shapes or freeze some grapes for a crunchy, healthy snack!

Last but not least, make sure you still schedule some time in for yourself. Put your feet up after the kiddies are in bed and enjoy a cup of tea with a book. It may not be holidays all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself!


By Zoe Kirby