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Summer bodies are made in the Winter!  It has been particularly chilly lately, so now is perfect timing to tackle the problem head on and avoid weight gain and inactiveness throughout the Winter months! We all know how hard it is to get out of bed and pop the gym clothes on, I mean it’s the last thing you want to do when it’s below ten degrees! Here’s a few tips to avoid this happening and to get you back on the active bandwagon!

Well a lot of you are already doing it, attending an indoor gym is a much easier way to stay out of the cold and really it is no different than coming in Summer! The hardest part is that initial step out of bed, once that is over the rest is easy! No embracing the elements, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you!

Try as hard as you can to stick to your regular exercise routine, if you were undertaking regular morning walks but it’s a tad too cold to embrace the elements, do your morning walk through the local shopping centre! Or undertaking some indoor spots/ aquatics in a heated pool.

Or if leaving the house is still too much to take in, try out some of the at home exercise dvds for something new, do some in house circuits or even just have some fun with your children.

We know that motivation is the hardest when it is cold outside but these few things can make that a little easier for you. Even make the most of it and train with a friend or your partner, then when you’re tempted to slack off and stay in bed they are there to stop that from happening!

Another habit we all pick up in Winter is stodgy foods! Something to warm our bellies! And we know that salads can seem like the last thing you want when it’s cold. Try your talent in the kitchen and whip up some scrumptious vegetable soups, they will keep your fiber and nutrient levels up without having to force feed yourself some cold veges or load up on calories!

Try these tips out and let us know how you go! If you’re in need of a new fitness program, let us know here at Fernwood Morayfield and we can help you out!


By Zoe Kirby




We thought that with the start of Winter being yesterday that we would address the dreaded flu outbreak! I’m sure we all know of somebody that has been taken hostage in their own home within the past few weeks because they are couped up in bed suffering the dreaded winter sickness.

Well, hopefully we can help this year! By giving you some tips and tricks to avoid being taken culprit. Whilst it’s only day two of Winter, an already astounding 3488 people have been diagnosed with the flu already! Eeeek

So here’s how to steer clear… The flu shot! We almost have it handed to us, with flu shots being offered at your GP, medical trucks and even chemists! Take advantage of it and get vaccinated today. Worried you’ll get sick from having the vaccination? MYTH! The flu shot gets changed every year which means the affects are improved every year!

Good hygiene is necessary for preventing the flu aswell. Ensuring your hands are being washed after you sneeze, cough or are within a public place. Being aware of your surroundings could save you a week or two in bed!

Keep your vitamin intake up! Lots of fruit and veges stacked into your diet is a must! If your vitamin levels are up, your resistance will also be up, so your whole body will be fighting against the nasties!

Increase your fluids, any nasties that find themselves hibernating in your body are more likely to be flushed out than to stick around.

And of course being your gym and all, keep your fitness up! Come see us in the club, the healthier you are the less likely you are to fall unwell 🙂

Good luck foxes, we hope you all manage to steer clear of the germs this Winter.


By Zoe Kirby


Our Winter Challenge is around the corner! We thought we would base this week’s blog on it and let you all know what it’s all about and what’s in it for you!

Fernwood likes to keep our special members motivated! Especially during these cooler months, so we run a free challenge every year to help you out and to try and maintain your motivation during Winter!

The challenge runs over four weeks, from Monday 29 July to Sunday 25 August.   We will provide you with a list of Winter foods that are great for you to eat and a basic meal plan throughout the challenge time,and yummy recipes for you to try! We also provide you with exercise motivation and weekly workouts that will keep you warm during these chilly Winter months and to keep you moving! We will get you motivated and help you achieve those fitness goals.

Basically we will give you a list of good and bad foods that you should and shouldn’t be eating and instruct you on the best way to eat them, regarding portion control etc. We will also guide you with weekly emails that will keep you on top of your goals, provide you with information on the benefits of Winter foods and yummy recipes for you to try!

Guiding you with your eating during Winter will help build your immune system and fight those nasty Winter bugs away! Whilst also giving you the energy you require to get through those long days at work and to give you the boost you need for your daily workouts!

The aim of the challenge is to get you moving as well, so the goal is to get you in the gym at a minimum of three times a week. We will provide you with a weekly workout that you can do which will burn 1000kJ, that’s 250 calories.

It’s important for you to continue exercising throughout the cooler months and we’re here to make that easier.  With regular guidance and motivation from our staff plus with clearly defined goals, you are a lot more likely to stick to the gym and achieve what you signed up for!

What’s the cost? We have a recommended donation of $5 that will go straight to the Salvation Army Winter Appeal, your money will help clothe and feed those who are most vulnerable during these chilly Winter months. Do it for the Salvos!

Helping yourself and those in need! Why would you say no?!

Give us a call on 07 5433 1187 for information, or have a chat to us next time you’re in the club!


By Zoe Kirby


Has everyone in your household/ office come down with the flu?

Trying to take all action to fight spending a week crook in bed? We can tell you your best options in keeping you fit and healthy so that the flu is the last thing on your body’s agenda!

You may be thinking popping every ‘immunity boosting’ pill you can think of is the best thing to do… Surprisingly, whilst some herbal remedy pills such as echinecha, vitamin C and zinc are highly recommended, they’re not the only option.

We aren’t joking when we say that maintaining a healthy diet of various fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats will boost your chances of keeping the flu at bay!

But a few foods that really stand out for helping fight the sniffles are,

Yoghurt! Surprisingly yoghurt contains a powerful active ingredient whose job is to stop viruses replicating themselves once they have entered the body. Quick run to the shops for some chobani? Yum!

Garlic, whilst we know it doesn’t give you the best breath, adding this ingredient to your everyday meals can insanely decrease your chances of catching the common cold. It is known to fight infection and bacteria.

Tea! It contains a bag full of ingredients that help fight flu and the common cold. By bobbing the tea bag up and down in the mug a few times it releases a tonne of antioxidants.

Eating any foods that are high in prebiotic’s are a great remedy for the common cold and flu. These include, bananas, whole oats, tomatoes and green vegetables, plus plenty more! These help the good bacteria stick and help fight the bad ones away!

Eeek.. What about if you’ve already got the cold?

Obviously plenty of bed rest and fluid retention is a must. Hot lemon and honey water is great for clearing your sinus’, as well as steam inhalation with tea tree/eucalyptus. Plenty of vitamins in your diet are also essential for combating it quickly. Soups are fantastic for soothing the throat and also for clearing the congestion.

To keep the colds at bay, regular exercise is definitely a must! This will keep your body at its optimum prime for fighting the bacteria.

And if you’re still suffering, keep on the low and rest for a while until you’ve gotten through the worst of it, then head back to gym with some low intensity exercise. Once you gain your full strength back, get back to your usual regime!

Lets stay healthy this season!—Exercise/Recipes—Nutrition/All-Nutrition-Articles/Immunity-boosting-ingredients/,12601


By Zoe Kirby


Clean eating may seem easier in the Summer months as throwing a fresh summer salad together may seem easier than lurking over the hot pot right?

Wrong! We’re here to tell you some winter warming recipes that won’t leave you slaving in the kitchen all day!

The traditional, full of flavour slow cooked stew is perfect for those chilly evenings!

This recipe mixes the wonderful taste of BBQ pork and winter vegetables, add more veges to increase the nutritional content.  Get up 15 minutes early for work to prepare the vegetables, throw it all in the slow cooker and when you walk in after work, your house will smell divine!  And dinner is ready for you, no evening slaving in the kitchen required!

Or try our Lancashire hotpot recipe, you can adapt this to be a slow cooked meal too.—Exercise/Recipes—Nutrition/All-Recipes/Lancashire-hotpot/

Or if stew isn’t really your thing, soup is an amazing Winter warmer!

These recipes are easy to snap up in the kitchen in less than an hour after a day at work.—Exercise/Recipes—Nutrition/All-Recipes/Broccoli-and-%E2%80%A8blue-cheese-soup/—Exercise/Recipes—Nutrition/All-Recipes/Smoked-salmon-%E2%80%A8leek-and-potato-soup/—Exercise/Recipes—Nutrition/All-Recipes/Pea-and-Parmesan-soup/

And for a warming, healthy dessert? Red wine poached pears with cinnamon yoghurt! Yum!—Exercise/Recipes—Nutrition/All-Recipes/Red-wine-poached-pears-with-cinnamon-yoghurt/

Pears are a fantastic source of valuable vitamins and minerals, especially in pectin.  Which will help lower cholesterol and also help tone your intestines.

And even red wine, whilst drinking the whole bottle won’t help much (we wish!), a small amount on a regular basis is a fantastic antioxidant. Teamed with some yummy poached pears, you’ve got yourself a yummy dessert without the calories!

There is some great winter fruits and veges that you can use in your meals,

Fruits: grapefruit, kiwi, lemons, mandarins, oranges

Veges: brussel sprouts, carrots, fennel, potatoes, silverbeet, spinach

Get creative and post your meal pictures on our Fernwood Morayfield Food Coaching Facebook page!

Don’t be fooled by those fast fix cleanses that only last for a couple of weeks, fill yourself with the vitamins and minerals that we need as part of our daily intake and make clean habits!

Happy cooking!


By Zoe Kirby


So you’re finding it difficult to get out of bed in the morning for your daily workout? Or it’s just too chilly walking out of work for you to get your gym kit on?

We hear you! But we’re here to help you beat the chill!

Make the gym a must and schedule a workout with your friends so you have an obligation to be there! Not only will you have a gym buddy this Winter but it will help drag you out of bed!

Or go one better and book a personal training session, then you really have to get out of bed! And be pushed to your limit!

Plan a vacation to a bikini destination so when you’re struggling to rise in the mornings or about to give up on your after work gym sesh, all you can think of is lying on a beach with the hottest bikini bod you can imagine!

The best one to help you make it through the gym doors, check into the gym on Facebook before you leave the office so you have already made a commitment and a non negotiable date with the treadmill!

Set some goals for yourself and if you achieve them by the end of the season, or the month even.. reward yourself! Get that new Lorna Jane hoodie you’ve been eyeing, or that dress you would love for the next dinner with the girls.

Follow your workout with a relax in the sauna to release those toxins and keep your body temperature up!

And of course the best way to warm up this Winter is to do a workout! You’ll be sweating and you’ll love the fresh air when you leave the gym!

Don’t let the Winter kill your motivation, it’s only cold if you’re standing still!

Get your friends involved, with 10% off our flexi memberships at the moment. 24 hour with no joining fee!


By Zoe Kirby