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This week’s blog was a tough one for me as it will be the last one that I will be writing for you guys, as I am moving overseas next week! So I wanted to write about something that has really meant something to me over my time here at Fernwood, and what exactly I love about the place! I chose to write about support. In terms of motivation, inspiration and encouragement that we strive to give you here at Fernwood Morayfield. And well, just how important it really is!

Often women can feel like fitness and clean eating can be a competition, especially in today’s society with the use of instagram, facebook and all the different forms of social media. It is a regular occurence that a beautiful, healthy woman can feel inadequate due to others ‘brag factor’ within social media. This feeling is what we strive to avoid! Every woman needs to remember that everyone is different, a diet that works for one person won’t work for another, one persons perfect body is not perfect for another. We want our Fernwood angels to feel as though they are living and feeling THEIR best! Not someone elses best! Look at these women who talk about their success and be proud of what they’ve accompolished, not jealous!

It is surprising just how much some friendly encouragement and support can help somebody. It’s as simple as commenting on a lovely photo of someone on Facebook (who you may think is trying to brag) but just tell them how great they are looking! You’ll feel so much better about it, rather than stewing over your non existent inadequacy.  Or tell them how well they’re going in the gym lately. Or that their hair looks great! And if you’re one that likes to brag (come on we’ve all done it at some stage!) before you post something on social media or say something to somebody, think about how it may make others feel who may not be achieving the exact same results as you. It’s these little things and that little bit of extra thought that add up and make women simply feel happy within themselves. It’s a revolving encouraging circle!

We hope that we help our Fernwood angels become apart of this supportive motion, avoiding the competition and simply encouraging one another! This is why we have introduced things such as the 28 day breakthrough program, to help and support our new members (or existing members), get on the health and fitness bandwagon and truly enjoy it.  We have food coaching programs to discover what eating plans are exactly right for you and personal training to discover what exercises can be used to achieve your own goals.

You belong in a supportive community here at Fernwood.. I’m certainly proud to have been apart of it, you should to!

Go and pay someone a compliment today and see how great you feel 🙂


By Zoe Kirby- big thankyou to all those who have been reading xxx


Fernwood Angels 1

We thought us angels at the office here better do a blog post on our amazing new revolutionary breakthrough program! Just so you are 100% informed and understand what the go is!

Our society is changing, if you haven’t noticed more and more of us are glued to our phones checking our Facebooks and our Instagrams as often as we have something to eat! (If you’re anything like us-it’s more than that!) We have so many things at our fingertips, it has changed the way we consume and idealise things and us here at Fernwood are jumping on that bandwagon!

We’ve been on Facebook for a while now, and this blog, but this will change the way you exercise and maintain your diet. We have an incredible new focus on your fitness journey- offering stronger than ever support. With a focus on nutrition and exercise as always and a whole new focus on mindset! Such as searching for a sexier silhouette! We are here to help you achieve that!

The breakthrough program will aid you in learning how our meal plans work, how to make exercise work for you and understand how your mindset and journaling can help you be successful on your journey!

What exactly does it include?

-Meal plans that are specific to your body type including a list of your daily intake, preparation times, recipes and a calorie counter

-Weekly shopping lists

-Weekly workout plans

-Feature workouts, themed for a bit of fun in the gym!

-Exercise & recipe database

-Social timeline- an online community for support

-Articles & extra resources

-Weekly nutrition videos

-Weekly mindset videos

-Mindset journal

-Weekly exercise videos

The first month is exactly how and when you form ideal healthy habits, which is why our breakthrough program is perfect alongside your membership!

Not only this, but you will receive an appointment with our fitness coach to discuss your goals with and be shown the cardio and strength equipment so you are at peak comfortability at the gym!










Summer has come to an end! And I know we are all sad to see it go! Although I don’t know about you but we will be happy to see the last of those stinking hot days!
With the end of a season comes the end of your Summer workout plan and also the end of a food season!
Bye bye to Summer fruits! But not to worry there is a list of yummy Autumn fruits and veges to make some scrumptious Autumn recipes!

Apples, figs, grapes, kiwi fruit, lemons, watermelon, nectarines, peaches, pears, persimmons, plums and quinces!
To keep you going here is some yummy healthy recipes to make the most of the Autumn months to come…

Yellow Plum Salad

Peach & Habenero Salsa


Asparagus, beans, beetroot, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, potatoes, pumpkins, snowpeas, spring onion, sweetcorn, tomatoes, turnips and zucchini! Wow what a list!

Here is some recipes to get you started in the kitchen this Autumn!

Pumpkin & spinach Salad

Tomato Stack Salad with corn & avocado

Workout wise, Autumn is cardio friendly! Not only can you do your cardio training in the gym but you can also venture outside and get some fresh air as it’s not as hot! Autumn is great for teaming your gym sessions with some outdoor workouts, to enjoy the outdoors and make the most of the mild weather.

The best way to kickstart your Autumn months would be to remotivate you with our 12 week challenge! Starts March 10th, enquire in club today or phone on 5433 1187.

Happy Autumn foxes!


By Zoe Kirby



Good day to all you lovely ladies (and maybe gents) who are reading this!

It is finally December! The Christmas season is upon us and we are all picturing swimming in pools, shopping in air conditioning for gifts for those special people and of course, thinking of ways to keep the little ones occupied over the school holidays.

Keeping them occupied over the long Christmas break can be a challenge for everyone. Between juggling work and spending extra time with the kids, it can seem near impossible to make it to the gym as much as you can during the school season. Never fear! We are here to help!

Instead of trying to keep them occupied with games and toys when you are fitting in your home exercises, include them! There are a lot of different ways you can exercise with your kids that will leave you feeling accomplished (and them tired)!

Exercising with babies

If your child is still an infant there are still exercises you can do with them! Such as;

– Squats. It’s late, they are crying and restless and love being bounced up and down to calm them down. Instead of just a mini bounce. Make it a large squat and really get those muscles moving!

– Sit ups. Whether they are next to you or sitting at your feet. Everytime you come up, pull a silly face at them! It’s practically peek a boo


Exercising with toddlers

The troublesome two’s and three’s. Maybe these will keep them occupied!

– Sit ups. You can still do the sit ups with these little ones! Instead of making silly faces. Get them to hold your feet down and practice their counting skills as you sit up

– Yoga and pilates. Kids love imitating their parents. Do some simple Yoga moves with them to calm them down before bed time


School aged kids

Sometimes these can be the hardest to please because their mind is so active all school day!

Skipping. It sounds like childs play but skipping can be a great workout for both of you that is both fun and rewarding. Try mixing up the ropes with some criss-cross and double-cross action!

Swimming. Swimming is a great way to keep them entertained. While they play in the pool you can squeeze in some fast paced laps to get that heart rate up!

It sounds simple but doing these will help keep you both occupied during the school holidays (plus you can still sneak out at night for some mummy alone time if you have 24hr access!)

Heather @Fernwood Morayfield


Well, it seems to be wedding season amongst a few of our members and loved ones! So we thought we could give you a few hot tips on how to get wedding ready and prepped for your big day!

Of course we recommend a healthy diet and workout plan all year round, but it’s definitely very important leading up to your big day!  We’re here to give you some guidance and also to give you some information on things you may not have thought about before so you can be looking and feeling your best on your big day!

Firstly, clean eating is definitely the way to go, which you are bound to know already, but more importantly in the few weeks leading up to your day.  Avoid those cheeky 3pm snacks especially, and those after dinner sweet cravings. Always keep some rice cakes, almonds or fruit on you to snack on to avoid snacking on those trans or saturated fats foods.  It is so important you eat consistently leading up to your wedding, otherwise your body will have the reverse effect to what you are wanting! Five small meals a day (even if it’s a fruit filled smoothie), will keep you satisfied and less likely to snack on foods you are wanting to avoid. Keep stocked up on your vitamins too, to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need.

Workout wise, we think it’s important for you to focus on your whole body leading up to your wedding, so that you are happy with every area possible! Include strength training into your workouts, one day upper body, one day lower body, one day back, one day abs. Break up your strength training with cardio and ensure you are not doing too much strength training in one week- we don’t want any injuries! If you have a particular area you are wanting to improve and you just cant shift the weight definitely consider our Cell IQ options- which can do wonders for those troublesome areas and leave you feeling amazing and ready for your big day!

SLEEP! One of the most important things for you brides is to ensure you are getting your solid eight hours every night! We know you might be stressed, so if you find your mind drifting to seating plans or table arrangements, put some blissful music on, breathe in some lavender and try and clear your mind before you go to bed, to ensure a solid night of shut eye!

Hand in hand with this, is of course stress! We know it is stressful planning a wedding and the anticipation is dire, but stress does not do your body much good! When you’re feeling the pressure, take a walk and try and clear your mind. Write a to do list in order of importance- it’ s surprising how much this can help get your mind organised!

We can help you along your exciting pre-wedding journey too! Of course, with your standard gym membership we can tailor a new program for you to prepare you for your big day! We can help you with the one thing that you are struggling with, whether that’s your fitness regime or your eating habits, we’re here for you with Food Coaching and Personal Training options just waiting for you to snap up!

Or go the whole package with our 12 Week Bridal Workout which includes your gym, Personal Training and Food Coaching all in one! Along with a progress/ motivational book to help you with your journey!

Congratulations to all of you getting married and good luck on your pre wedding journey!

@FernwoodMorayfield on instgram to show us your progress/pre wedding activities!

By Zoe Kirby