The weather’s cooling off and it’s becoming much easier to stay in bed for a little longer than necessary, most of us can put it down to the desire to stay snuggled in bed when the weathers a bit dreary, but there may be some underlying reasons why you’re feeling so tired lately! 

Now this may seem strange as being overly stressed is never a good thing! But believe it or not being under stressed also isn’t the best for your fatigue status! You may be too relaxed which is leaving you feeling more tired than necessary. Try stimulate your mind by partaking in an activity that’s out of your regular comfort zone to get you active again!

We all know how important water is, make sure you’re getting enough of it! Lack of water can lead to you feeling sluggish.

Get enough sleep! Seems simple but yet so complex! Your phone/ ipad/ laptop usage before bed can disrupt your sleeping pattern and keeps your mind active much longer than if you were gadget free before bed! Your alarm clock may also be affecting just how sleepy you are throughout the day, the key? Set your alarm clock to the same time EVERY morning.  That sleep in you think you may need- you probably don’t!

And believe it or not, you may be exercising too much! Never thought we would say that did you! You are fine to exercise everyday, but keep your sleeping patterns the same and steer clear of alcohol following your workout to give your body the chance to relax.

You may also be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals, iron in particular can be necessary for combating fatigue.

So get your routine on foxes and hopefully you will be bounding with beans!


By Zoe Kirby